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Horseshoe Stud Kit with Road and Grass Studs Included

St. Pierre American Professional Horseshoe Outfit

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  • When you buy this horseshoe stud kit, you don’t really save any money off the individual items but you do receive a complementary carry box. If you value the box at anything over the cost of shipping the kit, you’re getting a deal! Buy 2 stud kits and receive complementary shipping.

    Multi climate horseshoe stud kit with all the essentials. Stud kits for horses vary in quality and what they include. We chose this stud kit due to its good quality and value you get for your money. The studs that are included in the kit are very versatile for most conditions. Most riders will prefer a , that’s the only downfall to this stud kit. Some people also prefer to use cotton instead of rubber to plug holes – that’s a personal preference. This kit includes rubber plug holes.

  • This kit is also sold as the Roma Stud Kit. It’s the same thing with the same price point. We buy these from multiple distributors depending on who has it in stock. All the horseshoe stud kits that look like this one are .

    The Mini-Horseshoe Hardware kit is a great option for those who want interior or exterior barn door hardware for smaller doors. The Mini-Horseshoe Hardware kit is designed and made in the America Northeast. It was built by Better Barns to withstand the harsh Winters and rainy Falls of Connecticut. Perfect for exterior applications, can also be used interior as well.


      Steel Wheels Hush Wheels® 
    Aero /Prop FT Kits 200 lb. door 200 lb. door
    Classic/Hammered FT & SS Kits 400 lb. door 400 lb. door
    Horseshoe FT Kit 550 lb. door 550 lb. door
    Industrial Duty FT Kit 800 lb. door N/A
    Box Rail /Stainless Box Rail N/A 400 lb. door
    Swiss/Hex Bar Kit N/A 300 lb. door

  • The Bentley Patterns Horseshoe kit is a stylish 10 piece grooming set which features a deluxe grooming bag, soft grip brushes and ergonomic tools which are lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. The kit contains a deluxe grooming bag, sweat scraper, dandy brush, flick brush, body brush, face brush, mane comb, hoof pick, mane & tail brush & bucket brush. It is suitable for both junior and adults with medium sized brushes.

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Vintage Horseshoe Sliding Door Hardware is a timeless classic. The Horseshoe design has origins as far back as the 1700 and 1800s. Today it offers consumers a way to incorporate a rustic country flare into their home’s design. The Vintage Horseshoe kit features a classic horseshoe design and beautiful spoked wheel roller. Every inch of hardware is powder coated for maximum durability and beauty. Made in the USA by skilled craftsmen at Artisan Hardware.