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Gold and silver , 40" Numbers 0-9 foil balloons. Birthday / Party balloons. Q1501gold40"(1)

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  • The .40 S&W was originally loaded at subsonic velocity (around 980 ft/s (300 m/s)) with a 180 grains (11.7 g) bullet. Since its introduction, various loads have been created, with the majority being either 155, 165 or 180 gr (10.0, 10.7 or 11.7 g). However, there are some bullets with weights as light as 135 gr (8.7 g) and as heavy as 200 gr (13.0 g). Cor-Bon and Winchester both offer a 135 gr (8.7 g) JHP and Cor-Bon also offers a 140 gr (9.1 g) Barnes XPB hollow-point. Double Tap Ammo, based out of loads a 135 gr (8.7 g) Nosler JHP, a 155 gr (10.0 g), 165 gr (10.7 g) and 180 gr (11.7 g) Speer Gold Dot hollow-point (marketed as "Bonded Defense"), a 180 gr (11.7 g) Hornady XTP JHP, and three different 200 gr (13.0 g) loads included a 200 gr (13 g) Full Metal Jacket (FMJ), a 200 gr (13 g) Hornady XTP JHP and Double Tap's own 200 gr (13 g) WFNGC (Wide Flat Nose ) hard cast lead bullet; the latter specifically designed for hunting and woods carry applications.

    Based on ideal terminal ballistic performance in ordnance gelatin during lab testing in the late 1980s and early 1990s, the .40 S&W earned status as "the ideal cartridge for personal defense and law enforcement". Apart from the imperfect relationship between ordnance gelatin ballistics and actual stopping power, critics pointed to the reduced power of the round compared with the 10mm Auto it was based on. Ballistically the .40 S&W is almost identical to the introduced in 1874, as they share the same bullet diameter and bullet weight, and have similar muzzle velocities. The energy of the .40 S&W exceeds standard-pressure .45 ACP loadings, generating between 350 foot-pounds (470 J) and 500 foot-pounds (680 J) of energy, depending on bullet weight. Both the .40 S&W and the 9mm Parabellum operate at a 35,000 pounds per square inch (240 MPa) SAAMI maximum, compared to a 21,000 pounds per square inch (140 MPa) maximum for .45 ACP.

  • Both the Concept 40.1 and 40.2 have a sharp look that features Volvo’s new trademark Thor’s Hammer LED daytime running lights. From here back, the Concept 40s ditch the boringly boxy look that typified the company for so many years – this not your father’s Volvo – and replaces it with something that has some very real promise. Both are stunning-looking vehicles that challenge the segment norms.

    A proposal for I-40 emerged from the threat of Hurricane Isabel, a 2003 storm that packed 160 mph winds at one point. North Carolina officials debated a plan to switch Interstate 40 into a one-way facility in the case of a major hurricane threat (category 3 on the Saffer Simpson Scale with winds of 111 mph or greater). Under the plan, 90 miles of Interstate 40 between Wilmington and Interstate 95 are switched to contraflow, with all lanes made north-bound or west-bound during the evacuation phase of a hurricane threat. The configuration will end several hours before the arrival of Gale Force or higher winds from the threatening storm. To mitigate the effects of potential situations where emergency and other vehicles needing to travel east toward the coast during evacuation situations, a maximum 12 hour window will be implemented for the contraflow of Interstate 40. At the end of this time frame, traffic patterns will return to normal before wind speeds become a threat.5 Similar configurations on the Interstate system exist along in South Carolina, in Louisiana and Mississippi, and in Alabama. Contaflow originated after Hurricane Floyd made landfall at Wilmington, North Carolina in 1999.5 That particular storm packed 140 mph winds before weakening at the Carolina coast line to 105 mph winds. The lingering storm produced substantial flooding throughout eastern North Carolina. As for Hurricane Isabel, the storm system made landfall at Drum Inlet in North Carolina packing 105 mph winds on September 18, 2003. The storm was blamed for 29 deaths and $1 billion in damages, including substantial damage to NC 12, the coastal route along the Outer Banks.

    Hercules XPS 2.1 40 Slim
    Ensemble d'enceintes 2.1
    Alimentation Interne
    Garantie constructeur 2 ans
    Entrée / sortie (casque) 2 (Stéréo) / 1
    Télécommande Oui, filaire
    Réponse en fréquence -
    Puissance satellites 2x8 W RMS
    Taille satellites 235x58x72 mm
    Puissance caisson 16 W RMS
    Taille caisson 240x165x205 mm

  • MODEL 3     140 m2 

    No expedited actions are required for continuing disability review (CDR) claims, even if identified and flagged as VPAT through the data match. See EM-14034 REV.

1 Corinthians 7:1 - 7:40 from the King James Bible Online

The Hercules XPS 2.1 40 is a 2.1 speaker system designed for compact high-quality sound delivery. While similar in many respects to the Hercules XPS 2.1 40 Slim, this system outputs a higher 80 watts of power and uses HAT Technology to enhance the sound diffusion from the satellites. Each satellite has 2 separate 1.5 inch drivers for a more filled out sound, and the subwoofer cabinet is made of wood for increased resonance. Input can come from a standard line-in from a PC, or use a dual RCA jack system common in many DVD players. A metallic design in the satellites and subwoofer accents. Volume control, as well as inputs for headsets and a Line In are located on one of the satellite speakers.