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Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Canning Jar Italian - 2 Liter

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  • TAG : I thought it was a 16 oz but surprised when I saw a 2 liter! yeah!
  • According to the Exploratorium's measurement guide, 2 liters is approximately equal to 1/2 gallon or 8 cups. Metric liters are converted to U.S. customary gallons by multiplying the number of liters by 0.264. The precise equivalence is 0.528 gallons.

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  • When converting recipes from metric measurements to U.S. customary measurements, 1 liter converts to 4 cups for both dry and liquid ingredients. Cooks double this amount to convert 2 liters. Liter is the standard measurement for volume in the metric system. One-thousandth of a liter is equal to a milliliter. Milliliters are used to measure small quantities. One-thousand liters is equal to a kiloliter. Kiloliters are used to measure large quantities.

    Update: i just got back from Walgreen’s and these 2 liters were on sale for $.79 each! I got 4 of them and my total with tax was $1.38!! We are not soda drinkers but totally stocking up for our Labor Day cookout!!

    2 Liter Coke
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    If you got the , they expire in 2 weeks.�� I was hoping for a BOGO sale to get them free but so far, no luck.� However, Publix has them B2G1 this week which makes it around $2 for (3) 2 liters.� I did it tonight with one of my coupons and will hold out hope that a BOGO sale will come up before the other one expires.

2 liters equals how many gallons? | Yahoo Answers

Now, the lesson here, obviously, isn't that you shouldn't drink Coca-Cola—it's that you shouldn't drink two gallons of Coca-Cola per day. Because you know what? You shouldn't drink two gallons of WATER per day (the recommended intake for women is just over 2 liters). If you look at the ingredients of, say, Mexican Coke, it's basically just water, sugar, some acid, and "natural flavors." There's probably sodium in there too. So, in other's all the stuff we put in all food to make it taste good. It's taste-good syrup. W-evs. Drink it on special occasions (and/or hangover days).