Umbreon and Absol. I like dark type

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Pokemon - Absol (40/108) - XY Roaring Skies - Holo

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  • TAG : Absol is compatible with these Technical Machines in Pokémon Emerald:
  • Absol's key features include it's scythe-like tail, and an equally shaped growth of fur upon it's head. It is debatable that it represents Ying & Yang.

    Absol can have one of two Abilities: , which lowers the opposing Pokémon's PP by 2 each time an opposing Pokémon uses a move; or , which increases the Critical Hit Ration of moves and allows simultaneous use of the item and the move . Absol from the have access to a third , the Ability. This Ability increases its by one stage each time it gets hit by a Type attack.

  • readers voted Absol the best third generation Pokémon. Some video game critics found Absol's appearance "creepy". thought Absol's Mega Evolution was a praiseworthy improvement, and compared its appearance to the characters of .

    Absol is known as the " Pokémon" because it appears before natural disasters such as earthquakes and tidal waves. It lives in the rugged mountains, and only leaves to warn people of natural disasters with its innate ability to sense them through subtle changes in the environment. People often accuse Absol of causing the disasters themselves, resulting in its reputation as a doom-bringer, an example of . In X and Y, when Diantha battles against Magnus, his Absol lost. Absol gains a Mega Evolution in X and Y, growing a more curved horn, longer tail, and "scruffy piky pointy wings."[]


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    Absol appears on Route 213 during a Swarm in and , and on Mt. Coronet's Top and Snow Area in . Absol appears in the caves of and in and when the PokéGear's Radio plays Hoenn Sound.

This Absol is a -type Pokémon who appeared in .

Even with all of these seemingly deal breaking flaws and setbacks, Absol can still hold its own in battle with the proper preparation. A Choice Scarf is a good way to mitigate Absol's low speed and help it get the jump on lots of Pokémon and tear through weakened teams thanks to its great 130 Attack stat. Not only that, but Absol also has a great supporting movepool that can help cripple opposing walls and stallers with ease. Not to mention the Mega Evolution that Absol got in Pokémon X and Y that only improved this Pokémon in every way. Absol has a lot of options, and it's not always easy to make them work, but it's always worth it.