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6-inch (15cm) Custom-made Action Figure featuring a personalized head lifelike from YOUR Photo.

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  • Also, some figurines may come with a single accessory that snaps onto the hand, or perhaps a cloth cape that can be removed, but like the single point of articulation previously mentioned, this doesn't necessarily raise the figure to the status of "action figure".

    Action Figures: Some action figures can be quite large, upwards to 11 inches, in some cases larger. But an action figure larger than 11 inches does not by default become a doll unless the majority of its clothing can be completely removed. For example, the classic Shogun Warriors of the 1970's stood at a whopping 24 inches, yet were completely made of molded plastic and designed to be played with more than displayed.

  • Alternately, some action figures may be smaller than 3 inches, such as the Yoda action figure from Kenner's Empire Strikes Back line. However, it possessed 5 points of articulation, a cloth robe and two molded plastic accessories. Despite its similarities to both figurines and dolls, it is ultimately an action figure.

    There is no fine line dividing each of the three categories and are therefore left to personal opinion. What one collector may call a "figurine", another collector may call an "action figure". Let's look at some of the possible gray areas within each category.

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    However, one of the most popular figures in the world, the classic G.I. Joe figures of the 1960s-'70s is often referred to alternately as both an action figure and a doll. The original figures stood at around 12 inches and had completely removable clothing that could be switched out for other outfits. By our definition, this is a doll, but due to its obvious design as a toy meant to be played with, it could also be considered an action figure. Ironically, G.I. Joe is the reason for the term "action figure" due to Hasbro executives worrying that boys would not play with a "doll," thus giving the figure the new term.

The cost to create an order of action figures depends on:

Action figures are usually made of plastic. These toys are able to move and hold different poses. Making an action figure starts with the idea and drawing. Next, wire and clay models are made. When a figure is approved, it gets molded from a plastic. Paint and fabric complete the toy.