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JC Toys, La Baby 11-inch African American Washable Soft Body Play Doll For Children 18 months or Older, Designed by Berenguer

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  • For a heartwarming experience like no other, discover the beautiful world of our interactive African American baby dolls. Alicia, our first-ever African American interactive baby doll by Master Doll Artist Linda Murray curls her precious little fingers around your finger when you gently press her hand. Waltraud Hanl's Sweet Butterfly Kisses Baby Doll actually coos when you touch her cheek. And, Kiara's First Steps Baby Doll actually walks when you hold her little hands and walk with her! Why wait to bring home one of adorably lifelike African American ? Each is accompanied by our extraordinary money-back guarantee for up to a full year with free return shipping, but we're sure that once you hold your baby doll close you'll never want to let go. Shop Now!

    Every moment of a child's life is a gem, to be cherished forever. Now is the perfect time to meet all of the offered from The Ashton-Drake Galleries, exquisitely capturing heartwarming moments in time with the help of Master Doll Artists including Linda Murray, Waltraud Hanl and more. Our stunning selection of African American baby dolls are sure to warm your heart, each magnificently handcrafted to be incredibly lifelike in your arms. Our So Truly Real® baby dolls are renowned for their hand-painted, expressive features and irresistibly soft RealTouch® vinyl skin. Plus, each baby doll arrives in a beautifully tailored outfit too, and many arrive with special accessories, including matching baby blankets!

  • Meet Alicia!
    She is a very cute African American baby girl doll who can’t wait to go home with you!
    When you hold her hand, her tiny fingers will wrap around yours!
    Just like real babies do!
    She is a large baby girl, at 22 inches!
    Happy buyers said she was totally worth the price and she made wonderful Christmas gift ideas for their daughters!

    The available on our site include baby dolls and portrait dolls that collectors are sure to love. Whether you're searching for adorable lifelike African American baby dolls or iconic African American portrait dolls, you're sure to be delighted at the amazing selection. Not only are these dolls handcrafted and hand-painted to bring each detail to life, they arrive in custom-tailored ensembles. What's cuter than a sweet African American baby doll? One that has an outfit to match their personality! Shop with confidence knowing that each is accompanied by our extraordinary money-back guarantee for up to a full year with free return shipping, but we're sure that once you hold your baby doll close you'll never want to let go. Shop Now!

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    This is Jasmine!
    She is a gorgeous African American baby girl doll that looks incredibly real!
    I love her cute hair!
    She is very cuddly and so adorable!
    You will definitely find yourself carrying her in your arms around the house!
    (She is about 22 inches tall.)

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What a cute African American baby girl doll that looks real!
She is also awake!
I love her cute sleep baby outfit!
She has the most gorgeous ‘honey’ colored sleepy eyes!
She is very sweet and very cuddly!
Wonderful gift idea for a doll collector!
She is also very tiny, at about 16 inches only! 🙂
What is her name?