African american barbie So realistic! I mistook her for a real photo!

1985 African American Astronaut Barbie…and in 1994

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  • An African American Barbie Doll by Toi Horn Dolls.

    She has an African Nose, African lips, BEAUTIFUL Blond hair. She was made in the year 2014. She is BEAUTIFUL and Gorgeous.

    Black women have a troubled relationship with hair, and though and “natural ” today are going someway to help, it’s still not perfect. Barbie didn’t get it quite right when she debuted the Super Hair African American Barbie doll in 1986 as the hair texture was pretty standard, but the fact that Mattel accepted that women of color might need to have different styling choices and styles was HUGE for the time. The doll came with barrettes to put hair in twists and rolls, and while the hair looks like standard doll hair, we give props to Mattel for recognizing the diverse audience.

  • The first African American Barbie doll ever to be made by the company, the Live Action Christie was first released in 1968, alongside Live Action Barbie. Dressed in an orange and fuchsia print pant suit, she modelled a matching orange headband and a pair of orange heels. Unlike many of the traditional barbies, the dark skinned figure had flexible limbs; the waist could swivel and their knees, ankles and elbows would bendーa feature which allowed it to be positioned in many ways. While the condition of the doll is always an important consideration in determining its value, for Live Action Christie, you’d want to pay more attention to her hairーas the dark colour often fades and reddens with age. A new, mint-in-box version of the doll currently goes for around $300 online.

    Barbie gets a lot of heat nowadays. People shout at her . They complain about her plastic perfectness and general lack of realism. But they forget just how pivotal Barbie has been in helping challenge barriers in society. For example, the first African American President Barbie was released in 1992 – 16 years before Barack Obama took office.

  • In 1988 Dr. Mae Jemison completed astronaut training, as the first female African American astronaut for NASA. But Barbie was three years ahead of her with their African American Barbie doll astronaut…and then they released another doll in 1994. Each astronaut helmet had a white helmet and included an American flag. Because the All American Doll is any color.

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“I have worked hard building a strong team around this project, including securing a Brand Ambassador that is excited about the ‘bringing the African American Barbie to south Africa’ campaign.