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The only thing I want to know is- will Rage be making a special mechanical head for the Airbow???

Crosman BABPNBX Benjamin Pioneer Airbow

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  • AirBow by Pneumatic Arms, Inc new in the factory box - This is a super rare item that only a few were ever made - The gun is new just old inventory, stored in a heated warehouse for 20 years - It has all the paper work that came with the gun, but it only has one arrow - I have never fired the gun and it was only assembled for the picture - NO sales to any areas where airguns are restricted - Shipping to any of the 48 CONUS states is $18.00, elsewhere additional - NO credit cards or paypal please - Check, cash or money order only - Thank you

    It may not be a firearm but it’s a weapon well worth a second look especially for hunters. New from Crosman is the Pioneer Airbow, which is technically a bow due to the simple fact that it shoots arrows but is operated like a gun with a configuration similar to

  • Crosman just released this new promo video for their Benjamin Pioneer Airbow. The footage shows Jim Shockey harvesting a buffalo with the interesting hybrid device. , the Airbow can be filled to 3000 PSI and it fires full-sized arrows. It’s capable of sequentially launching eight full-sized arrows at a blazing 450 FPS.

    Usually when all the kids are playing with their nerf guns or bows and arrows the girls get a little upset that they want to play with girl guns not boys. Well, with the girls you get that a lot. Their are so many toys the girls have played that I had to get them a girl set so they can play. Well, the Zing Air Huntress Firetek Bow-Light Up Power Bow w/ 3 Light Up Arrows-Pink. This is definitely what the girls want to see. When I had heard about this bow I wasn’t sure how it lights up. This toy is very cool. The boys want their own now. The bow features Light Up the Day or Night w/ the Firetek Bow-With Blazing Light Up Power. Zonic Blaze Whistling Arrows w/ Loop & Launch Technology that Flyz up to 145FT. Hook the Arrows in the Fast Load Loops, then Ready, Aim, Fire!. LED Activated Power Grip and FireGlow LED Bow. 23 inches long-Ages 8+. Thing I air huntress firetek bow is a definite must have on this holidays toy list. The zing air firetek bow is definitely on my son Zachary’s Christmas list. He played with the huntress and thought it was so cool. They keep picking up the bow and playing with it. This is definitely one of those toys I am going to have to buy a couple of. If not they are going to fighting over who gets the cooler toy. For more information click .

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    i'm waiting for it to be on a recurve, i'm simply not used to how compound bows draw. the primary issue scott said the prototype had was people's tendency to twist their wrist while drawing it and twisting the bowcord off the wheels. whith it on the recurve style bow, i can draw it mongol style which is the way i usually fire my bow. iirc his personal airbow, he said, shoots around 270 and has a 50 or 60lb draw.

    my big issue with it is that you have to pull the little rod back to chamber a ball and THEN pull the bowstring back. making it even more complicated then stock class. if they could make it so drawing the bow would chamber a ball as well then i'd be all over this.

    The Pioneer Airbow by Crosman is revolutionizing the way you hunt. Taking the concept of traditional archery to a whole new level, the Pioneer Airbow is capable of generating pressures up to 30,000 PSI, while firing full-size arrows at a stunning 450 feet per second!

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There’s been lots of buzz around the archery world in the last 24 hours regarding PSE’s new Carbon Air bow design. PSE has been revolutionizing the way they do things in recent years and the Carbon Air just might be their best concept yet. Granted, few people have actually had the chance to lay hands on this new bow, but it does look pretty cool. It’s a new direction for PSE and quite the overhaul from their previous bow designs.