Air bearing table with optional tilt and center worktable assembly

Air bearing table with optional granite, gage stand and MicroTIR display

Sport Squad HX40 Electric Powered Air Hockey Table

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  • This 7' interactive lighted rail air hockey table is ideal for use in your bar, club, lounge or game room. Featuring interactive red, white and blue trailing lights that bring the game to life by tracking the score, this table is sure to impress even your toughest competitors! With its leg levelers for stability and side-mount electronic scoring for easy tracking, this table is built for fun!

    Play Surface Dimensions:
    Length: 78"
    Width: 40"

    Overall Dimensions:
    Length: 81"
    Width: 46"
    Height: 32"

    Choose the right product for your needs. Start with the air bearing that meets your maximum load requirement. Then select the worktable for your largest diameter part. In some cases you may need to move up to the next size air bearing in order to accommodate your largest part, even though the part weight might suggest a smaller air bearing table is appropriate.

  • For more excitement and fun than traditional air hockey games, try this HT274 air hockey table! With added side scoreboard and embedded LED lights that indicate which player is winning, this table will take your hockey games to the next level.

    If you're searching for a sturdy air hockey table to put in your game room, try the HT600! It is equipped with interactive LED lights and boasts a full size air hockey playing field for more excitement and fun.

    Home :: 6' Blade Goal Flex Air Hockey Table

    Home :: 6' Blade Goal Flex Air Hockey Table

    If you are looking for an exciting way to increase profits and maximize the time customers are spending in your bar, lounge, or club? Look no further than this 7 1/2' interactive lighted rail air hockey table! The table features full-length interactive rail lighting along with a side-mounted electronic scoreboard that's sure to catch your patrons' eyes. A strong blower motor and high density side rail combine to ensure a fast-paced, authentic playing experience, while the table's square corners increase keep the puck bouncing from one end to the next to create the most action possible.

    For maximum stability, all four legs are angled and connected, giving the table a wider stance that will withstand years of high volume use. Plus, a series of adjustable leg levelers allow users to change the height to always ensure the table is level. A total of four pucks and four pushers are included. The table ships partially assembled to save on shipping costs, but assembly can be completed in under an hour upon unpacking. Use this interactive air hockey table to bring your restaurant to life and impress even your toughest competitors!

    Play Surface Dimensions:
    Length: 81 1/2"
    Width: 39 1/2"

    Overall Dimensions:
    Length: 90"
    Width: 48"
    Height: 32"
    Apron Depth: 12"

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The Air table is an extremely chic, contemporary dining table design. With its long, fine lines, it will streamline the look of any room. The "Waterfall" effect of its wood grain flowing over the table top edges at the end of this dining table makes this a very graceful design.