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  • ‘s had some great characters over the years. We all know and his cohort, who’ve graced a gazillion games, shows, comics and tons of merchandising. But there’s a rich history o characters going back to the 80s. Sonic & Sega All Star Racing brings together an impressive roster of Sega’s greatest characters from across the generations, and lets them race against each other by land, air, and sea!

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  • Ok, so now that we got that outa the way, here's why I recommend this game. I actually started off playing Transformed first when I first got into PC gaming. I absolutely love Transformed which is why I was kinda scared to buy this installment. I had looked up video footage and it didn't appear to be worth my while. Well I had some extra Steam money and had nothing else to spend it on so I finally just bought this game. As many have complained about there is no online multiplayer. Boo hoo......I don't care. I buy games for their single player experiences. What I've always liked about Transformed is that it is a REAL racing game, unlike Mario Kart which feels like dodge ball on wheels. Sonic and Sega All Star Racing is no exception. Even though it is not as fast as Transformed, it is still a balls to the wall racing game. The A.I. DOES NOT rubberband on you like Mario Kart does and the weapons slow you down, but not so bad that your chances of winning are ruined by a few unlucky hits. If I had one complaint about the game, it would be the weapons. They're kinda boring (like Mario Kart) but that's to be expected because this was Sega's first crack at a kart racer. However to me the racing is important, and the drift and stunt boosting are still here though it's not as elaborate as Tranformed is. I love the tranforming dynamic in Transformed, but I don't miss it in this game. What I'm trying to say is that this is an excellent kart racer than stands on it's own and I still like it 10 times better than any recent release of Mario Kart. It still does everything right, and the best reason buying this game as well as Transformed is that all of the tracks are different from the second installment. I bought this game because I wanted more Sonic All Star Racing after I completed Transformed.

    While this game has multiplayer and the original All stars doesnt, almost no one plays online so its not really worth it for that reason. Buy the original All Stars Racing for a better "Kart Racing" experience.

  • Simply put, All Stars Racing is a game that’s got tons of content waiting to be enjoyed. The game’s controls are perfect, with the race tracks complementing the controls just as well. The powerups and drifting elements are fun and give you a massive edge to win. The visuals are a treat, with lots of detail and color. The soundtracks vary for each course and theme keeping it fresh and interesting. There are options to go multiplayer (if you have a good internet connection) and compete with friends on leaderboards.

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Hendrick Motorsports debuted in under the banner "All Star Racing" with five employees, rented equipment, and two cars, with the highest-paid person's wages at only $500/week. Initially, the team had planned to field a car for seven-time Cup champion with funding from country music business mogul , but the deal failed to materialize. Afterwards, Hendrick attempted to hire , then , but did not. As a result, the team signed former Rookie of the Year to drive the unsponsored No. 5 for 1984. After a slow start seven races into the season, Hendrick informed Bodine and crew chief that he planned to shut down the team due to funding trouble. Instead, Bodine and the team won at , leading to sponsorship from Northwestern Security Life; on March 30, 2014, the 30-year anniversary of the win, Hendrick stated, "We owe Martinsville so much. If we hadn't won that race, then literally the next Monday we were going to shut it down." The team won two more times and finished ninth in points. came on to sponsor the No. 5 Chevy in 1985 as part of a multi-year deal. Despite not winning a race that year, Bodine earned three poles and improved to fifth in points. The team briefly became a two-car operation when drove the No. 1 Chevy at , in what proved to be Brooks' last NASCAR race.