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We first heard about this at this year’s CES, but you can now order the Angry Birds Knock on Wood board game over at  for $23.99 (USD).
Angry Birds Knock on Wood
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Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game

Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game

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  • Mattel is planning to launch the Angry Birds Knock On Wood Board Game, which will bring the popular smartphone app on a board game for your kids to play and enjoy.

    I bought this Angry Birds Knock on Wood Game as a birthday present for my 8 year old Nephew and he loved it! He often played with the app version on my phone so when I saw this at IWOOT, he had to have it. Fantastic!

  • ElectricPig managed to get a sneak preview of the Angry Birds Knock on Wood game, which is a real-life two-four player Angry Birds-inspired game from Mattel where players get to launch plastic birds at pigs for real.

    Earlier this year we got a sneak peek at the Angry Birds Knock on Wood board game . Well the game will be coming to market soon and now we have finally gotten a chance to spend some time with it. The new board game brings the phenomenally successful app out of your smartphones and on to your dinning room table.

    Product Description

    Angry Birds: Knock On Wood Game.

    With the Mattel Angry Birds Knock On Wood Game, you can play Angry Birds in real life. Based on the best-selling app, you can build, launch and destroy with this exciting skill and action game. This game includes three Angry Birds, four green pigs, one slingshot-style launcher, structure pieces and mission cards. To play, one player draws a card and builds the structure shown on the card. The second player launches an Angry Bird in an attempt to knock it down and hit the pigs to earn points. Up to four players can play for plenty of Angry Birds fun.

    Based on the best-selling app
    This game is based on the best-selling Angry Birds app and lets you play the game in real life. You can build a structure and try to protect the pigs, or launch Angry Birds to destroy the structure and attack the pigs.

    Three Angry Birds
    This action and skill game includes three unique Angry Birds. The birds are different sizes and weights to help you destroy the pigs’ structure.

    Four green pigs
    This game includes four different green pigs straight from the Angry Birds app. You’ll have a blast trying to knock down these egg thieves.

    Structure pieces
    This set includes 14 different pieces for building the pigs’ structures. The playing cards show you how to build the structures and assign a point value to each one. Knock the structures down to rack up the points.

    Slingshot-style launcher
    Just like in the Angry Birds app, this game features a slingshot-style launcher. This launcher makes for a skill-based, action-packed game.

    Golden eggs and star
    Collect the golden eggs and star for bonus points. Up to four people can play at once, so challenge your friends today.

  • Angry Birds Knock on Wood game game is fun once when you get started. The nuance of having everyone play together one of the most popular mobile apps in the world is certainly entertaining. Building the girders to match the mission cards reminded me of Jenga… steady hands are required. However after a few rounds, the game’s novelty wears off. While it certainly will entertain families or even groups of friends who are obsessed with the game for a short time, this version of the game still has nothing on the app version. However, for at least for a brief few hours you can tear your family members away from their mobile device. And when all is said in done, the pieces from the game, will look terrific on your desk. and is currently available for pre-order.

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