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Disney Star Wars AT-AT Die Cast Vehicle - Walk the walk

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  • AT-STs were commonly used to screen the flanks of larger assault walkers for major ground operations. As such, they were essential for cleaning up minor resistance along the path of a pre-planned invasion route, and could quickly eliminate any small threats that managed to evade an AT-ATs barrage. The walker was also commonly used on anti-personnel hunting missions, and was piloted by two with superior skills of balance and agility.

    Serving as a reconnaissance and patrol vehicles, AT-STs were equipped with chin-mounted medium blaster cannons capable of firing at a range of two kilometers, as well as side cannons equipped with rockets and concussion grenades capable of doing massive damage to enemy vehicles and ground troops at close range. Aside from blaster cannons, concussion grenades, and side mounted homing rockets, the AT-STs had durasteel claws about half a meter long, used for hacking down rebels and slicing through enemy barricades mercilessly.[] They were excellent at dealing with large amounts of infantry as well as mounted turrets that were too risky to be taken out with rocket launchers. Despite its speed and agility, an AT-ST walker's offensive and defensive power were significantly compromised. Its weapons systems were only good against lightly-armored targets at close range; and its lighter armor could repel attacks from small arms fire, but not laser cannons, missiles, or other heavy ordinance. The of discovered that the AT-ST was also vulnerable to anti- traps, such as ramming logs suspending from tress onto the sides of the walker could smash through the walker's head, destroying the cockpit, and other short-range attacks such as thick ropes slung around its lower legs possibly toppling the walker, while rocks and other debris dropped from above could destabilize its footing. One of its greatest weaknesses however, was its susceptibility to hijacking. Sufficiently strong force could rip the entrance hatch off the top of the walker. If commandeered, the walker's cannons could easily penetrate other AT-STs armor.

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AT AT WALKER Lego Star Wars Stop Motion Review Set 8129

Last week, dreamed up by local Social Media Maverick / Guru / Evangelist (a.k.a. Tweet Bag) Mike Koehler. Basically, he wanted to build a real life, fully operating AT-AT for America and was soliciting “donations” to fund the multi-million dollar project.