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WATCH: this tutorial on how to set up your Axis 200. This video also provides some tips and tricks with best flight practices.

Air Hogs Axis 200 R/C Helicopter with Batteries, Green

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  • The Air Hogs Axis 200 chopper is an enjoyable doll this is certainly ideal for newbies that are being released to remote-control mobile equipment. It uses a two-channel controller for precise communications and response that is quick. With 4-direction regulation, this gray Air Hogs RC chopper can go all around the quarters and navigate around challenges. An additional stabilizer propeller helps with a steadier airline and a more individual course. A fly bar provides much more stability.

    Are It Fascinating? Perfect for current pilots, the Air Hogs Axis 200 2-channel private heli properties 4-directional regulation and a second stabilizer propeller to aid in steadier flight. When you have perfected its trip, make use of the (heart of the law of gravity) shifter from the heli tail to improve flight violence. The crash-resistant tough vinyl frame gets up against mysterious crashes and is sold with two substitution end rotors. Learn how to fly with this particular heli! Trip try unpredictable as well as the handles include painful and sensitive. That’s a simple style, but a young child exactly who thinks they’re going to stealth hover or who wants to manage the journey could easily get discouraged.

  • Feature 1. The heli is suitable for pilots ages 8+ and needs 4 AA electric batteries to force the controller/charger Ability 3. Crash-resistant construction and two free tail rotors imply even novices can press Axis 200 to its max limits with certainty. The Axis 200 are an insane, spinning chopper this is indeed meant to end up being crashed into walls, ceilings, and lights. It’s awesome lightweight, so there’s no actual be concerned about harming techniques. Ability 1. Even beginners can master high-performance RC airline!

    Feature 2. 2-channel (4-directional) controls helicopter created for a domestic airline just. Toddlers, many years 8 or more that are interested in flying R/C toys but do not fundamentally have the persistence, enjoy, or focus span to master controlled flight will like the Axis 200. Which It’s For Getting ready for taking off! The Air Hogs Axis 200, 2-channel indoor heli characteristics 4-directional regulation an additional stabilizer propeller for a steadier flight. The integral Flight support Technology softens the throttle for a smoother grab off and landing.

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    Air Hogs Axis 200 Remote Control Helicopter - Grey
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    Fly out of the package aided by the batteries already integrated! Well suited for brand new pilots, the Air Hogs Axis 200 2-channel internal heli functions 4-directional regulation an additional stabilizer propeller to assist in steadier flight. When you’ve perfected its airline, utilize Center of the law of gravity shifted from the heli tail to boost journey aggression.

Spin Master - Air Hogs Axis 200 R/C Helicopter

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