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Panaracer Fat B Nimble 27.5×3.5 vs. Surly Knard 29×3.

Panaracer Fat B Nimble Fatbike All Trail Tire for Wet or Dry

Britax B-Nimble Mosquito Net

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  • TAG : i would like to try the b nimble stroller
  • I do like the lightness of the B Nimble stroller, but also have been looking at the B Agile stroller. For my daughter sometimes going to the dog park or even maybe starting to take her lil’ guy for a run, I think that might be a great stroller too. But I do love the seemingly great comfort and extra room in this one. Britax has really made their mark I guess, everyone always has ONLY good things to say about their product!

    Frame: Retrotec Filet Brazed Custom Steel Frame
    Fork: Fox
    Bars: Thomson Riser
    Stem: Thomson
    Headset: Chris King
    Grips: WTB
    Brake Levers: Shimano XTR
    Front Brake: Shimano XTR
    Rear Brake: Shimano XTR
    Shifter: Shimano XTR
    Cables: Shimano XTR
    Rear Der: Shimano XTR 11Speed
    Crankset: Shimano XTR
    Chain Rings: XTR 32T
    Chain: XTR
    Cassette: XTR 11-40
    Pedals: XTR
    Seat: Shimano
    Seat Post: Thomson Dropper
    Rims: Dirby
    Hubs: King
    Spokes: yes
    Tyres: Panaracer FatBNimble 27.5+
    Tubes: no
    Skewers: through axles

  • "Hats off to Panaracer for jumping into the plus tire arena. This tire is the “raciest” 29+ tire on the market right now. For 29+ riders looking to go as fast as possible in cross country style conditions, the Fat B Nimble should be at the top of your list for tires. Add on the combo of a fairly low cost and slightly smaller casing and you have a recipe that should also allow a lot of people with zombie bikes to get a taste of plus sized radness."

    Bike B Nimble, bike be quick. The Nimble is available in three diameters and widths. This is an amazingly capable tire at amazing weights considering the amount of tread you are putting on the ground. Get your fat on, Nimbly

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    SchwalbeJumbo Jim LiteSkin36.9 W
    SpecializedFast Trak Fat43.4 W
    VeeRubber Vee 845.8 W
    SurlyLarry48.4 W
    45NRTHHusker Du51.7 W
    SurlyLarry 27 TPI53.0 W
    MaxxisMammoth54.7 W
    PanaracerFat B Nimble55.4 W
    KendaJuggernaut Pro59.2 W
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  • Jack B. Nimble
    Fairy Tale Jack Be Nimble
    Teacher of Geogfairy

    I’ve been running Panaracer Fire XC tires on my Full Suspension 26er for at least 6 years that I bought for $19 each with zero issues. I expect the Fat B Nimble to be a good quality tire with a lot of life in it based on my experience with the Fire XC’s. The weight and feel of the Nimble on the trail is … well incredibly nimble. In the winter you might want a tire with a little more width and tread in the snow, for Spring-Summer-Fall riding the Fat B Nimble 4.0 120tpi is likely to be the best value you will find in a folding bead tire.

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The most commonly agreed origin of the rhyme is the connection to Black Jack, an English pirate who was notorious for escaping from the authorities in the late 16th century hence Jack be nimble, nimble meaning . It has also been associated with the old tradition and sport of 'candle leaping' which used to be practised at some English fairs.