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My baby keeps rejecting silicone baby bottle nipples. What is your experience with latex? Will my baby take to it?

Gerber First Essential 6 Pack Latex Nipples

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  • Gerber latex baby bottle nipples have vented nipples and ribs to reduce the flow of air and prevent colic in baby. are BPA-free. Bisphenol-A is a chemical commonly found in some resin and plastic products. BPA is said to leach into food and drinks from containers, which can be taken into the body. Although there is some controversy to whether or not this chemical can affect humans, parents should nonetheless err on the side of caution and buy products that are BPA-free, like these latex nipples.

    Baby bottle nipples are a must for parents who bottle-feed, whether as a supplement to breastfeeding or those who prefer formula. Gerber nipples are a good choice and when buying these items, buyers should know about the different types available, namely silicone ortho nipples, latex nipples, silicone nipples, slow-flow nipples, and medium-flow nipples.

  • Aside from the type of material, Gerber baby bottles are also sold based on the type of flow. As mentioned earlier, this refers to how fast or slow the milk flows out of the nipple. More often than not, experts recommend a type of flow for certain ages. While these are good guidelines, parents should also trust their judgment based on their own experiences and how their baby reacts to certain types of nipples. Gerber baby bottle nipples come in slow, medium, and fast flow models.

    For new parents that have never bought baby bottles or nipples before, learning the different terms used by manufacturers can be quite useful. With so many products on the market today, they can use the table below to educate themselves and use this knowledge to make an informed decision when buying baby bottle nipples.

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    When choosing bottle nipples, parents should go with the brand they trust. As one of the world's leading baby brands, Gerber can be a good choice for parents. In fact, many parents today probably have used and other products when they were babies themselves. However, even within the Gerber line of nipples, there are many more choices to consider. Parents should learn about the different terms and words used to describe baby bottle nipples. Then, they should look at the different types of Gerber nipples. Finally, they should consider a variety of factors before making any final purchase.

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Informed buyers should fully understand how to properly use, safely clean, and when to replace a baby bottle nipple prior to the first feeding with the new baby. If given to the child without supervision, a baby bottle nipple can become a potential choking hazard. Be sure to always thoroughly inspect the baby bottle nipple prior to serving the baby a meal. Parents should look for any damage or wear, to include the possibility of the baby bottle nipple separating from the plastic cap. As the child begins teething, it becomes even more important to inspect the baby bottle nipple for cracking and other imperfections that could harm the baby's mouth or risk the chance of breaking off and being inhaled.