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Lizber Baby Night Light Moon Star Projector 360 Degree Rotation - 4 LED Bulbs 9 Light Color Changing With USB Cable

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  • Shopping for your baby's nursery can be a lot of fun. One item that some parents buy because it's readily available is a baby night light. Other parents, however, aren't sure whether putting a night light in their child's nursery is a good idea. Should you get a baby night light? And if so, which are the best ones for babies?

    Arguments Against Using a Night Light
    An infant's circadian rhythm, or body clock, needs to set properly to let a baby start sleeping less during the day and more at night. Environmental cues, such as sunlight, . "I recommend that parents don't use a night light in their child's bedroom," says , a Family Sleep Institute-certified child sleep consultant and the founder of Big Sky Lullaby. "It's critical to help a baby distinguish night from day and sleep from wake, and the best way to do this is by controlling light and darkness."

    Keeping a light on in your baby's room may result in a less restful sleep for your little one. "When an environment is lighted, melatonin production is inhibited. Melatonin helps us go to sleep, stay asleep and wake up well rested," says , an infant and child sleep consultant and the founder of Sleeperific, a children's sleep consulting firm. According to the , the ideal sleep environment is cool, quiet and dark.

    Arguments For Using a Night Light
    You might have an easier time checking on your baby with a night light's soft illumination. "Mom and Dad need to see what they're doing," says Guenther. Plus, it's easier for you to return to sleep (and find your bed without stubbing your toes) after being exposed to dim lighting as opposed to a harsh overhead light.

    Some babies might seem calmer with a night light on, and having a dim light in the nursery also allows your baby to get some visual stimulation when he's awake in the crib. That means he may be able to entertain himself for a while by watching the mobile or taking in the view of the room.

    Top 10 Baby Night Lights
    Ready to take the plunge? "It's important to choose a night light that isn't particularly bright or that uses a low-wattage bulb," says Guenther. If possible, check the lighting effect in a dark room to make an accurate assessment:

    By utilizing a function extremely similar to the flashlight, but loading up with fuzzy cute animals and whirling lights, the Baby Night Light app helps to create a soothing and ambient atmosphere that your baby can use to get to sleep.

  • The BabyZoo Timer Night Light comes in the form of a small sea turtle. It includes a timer to shut down automatically and an easy start-up feature that allows little ones to control its function at will. The LED lights inside keep the shell glowing brightly without allowing it to become too hot.

    Created for the comfort of babies and the peace of mind of parents, Baby Nightlight will be useful at home or on vacation and will make your child have sweet dreams.WARNING: Parents are advised to turn on the Airplane mode on the baby's device in order to eliminate noise and reduce the emission of signal waves. It is not recommended to leave the device on your baby's bed. To ensure the safety of your child, it should preferably be placed on a nearby table.The editor shall not be held responsible in case of problems.

  • Probably the most advanced and impressive of the Baby Night Light functions, is the Sound Detector, which actually can turn the night-light on if crying or excessive sound is detected, or slowly fade away if there is no noise detected (and thus the baby is sleeping).

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My greatest concern with this app, was the idea that I do not want to encourage children to get involved with iPhones or smartphones too early. While the Baby Night Light app may be a perfect way to get to sleep, what happens if your baby wakes up and begins surfing Facebook?