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This Memory Foam Health Baby Pillow is designed for 0-3 years and with p

Toddler Pillow (13 x 18) - Premium Soft Microfiber Filling, 100% Cotton Covering, Hypoallergenic, Machine Washable & Made in USA

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  • These personalized baby pillows make a wonderful gift for your baby or a friend's. These pillows offer adorable designs in pink, blue and brown on the front with a white space that allows the emroidered name to really pop!

    pillow for Memory Foam – The baby sleep pillow head support is made of Visco-Elastic cushioning material specifically designed to prevent Flat Head Syndrome by evenly distributing pressure around baby’s delicate head. Unlike other foam head supports, the visco-elastic head support material in the Dex Secure Sleeper does not bounce back and create pressure points that can lead to Plagiocephaly commonly known as Flat Head Syndrome.

  • Baby pillow for getting a baby to sleep – It can be a chore to get your baby to sleep at night. As a mom of four I have had the best results using the “Happiest Baby of the Block” method which includes swaddling, then rocking and shushing, then putting baby on their back in a baby pillow – sleep positioner.

    pillow with sleep positioner – Babies are safest sleeping on their back. It has proven to reduce the risk of SIDS greatly. Our baby pillow, sleep positioner keeps your baby safely sleeping on its back. It is a product for helping baby sleep through the night. They feel safe and secure swaddled in their sleep positioner. The Secure Sleeper – sleep positioner – positions baby as recommended by the American Academy of Pediatricians.

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    Pillow – Babies have tender heads that need protecting. Sleeping on their back can cause a flattened spot on their heads, Our baby pillow has a memory foam pillow that prevents your baby from getting a flat head as the result of sleeping on their back.

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