To make a baby doll sleeper you will need:

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  • With all the seams sewn and trimmed it is time to turn your baby doll sleeper right side out. If you are working on miniature doll clothes, use or to carefully turn the sleeper right side out through the neck opening. Take care not to stretch the neck too much.

    To finish the main sewing of the baby doll sleeper, sew across the base of the legs matching the lines you drew for your doll feet. Make sure you avoid making a tight point at the toe end of the foot, angle your stitching up from the bottom seam to make a slight boxed end at the tip of the foot. Trim the base of the legs and feet to match your seam allowance on the rest of your sleeper. Use fray check to seal the fabric edges if it doesn't make your fabric too stiff.

  • To finish the closure on your baby doll sleeper you can add a strip of velcro tape, small buttons or snaps, depending on the size of your doll. For larger dolls, small zippers are also available.

    The next step in assembling your baby doll sleeper is to sew the side seams from the underarm down to the base of the upper leg seam. Use small back stitches and keep your tension uniform. Remember that the front fabric piece is wider than the back piece, so match the edges of the fabric, don't worry about the extra in the middle of the front.

  • To measure the length you need to sew for the underarm seam of the custom baby sleeper, lay your back sloper pattern over the back of the sleeper and use a pencil to mark a small dot on the wrong side of the fabric at the point where the base of the arm meets the side of the body.

When is it safe to let my baby sleep on his tummy

Babies sleep a lot, and they need a safe, comfortable place to do so. Parents have many options when deciding where their baby sleeps, whether it is in a shared bed or in a separate crib. The decision is a personal choice parents need to make and there are expert opinions and information everywhere to help them decide which method is best; however, safety is a top concern for all parents. For parents who decide to have the baby sleep in bed with them, a second decision is necessary: should the child sleep on the bed itself or in a co-sleeper?