Will I catch my baby’’s cold from the BabyComfyNose?

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Baby ComfyNose Nasal Aspirator, Blue

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  • So now I was left feeling helpless. I tried doing everything I could; you name it from saline spray to those useless rubber bulbs you get from the chemist. I even took her into the shower and let the hot water run hoping the steam might help the congestion. Nothing was working, so I turned to the internet hoping someone out there might know of a better way. Luckily a mother from a forum suggested this amazing new aspirator called the BabyComfyNose.

    What is the BabyComfyNose? What if I told you that it's the most effective way to relieve your baby's nasal congestion. That's right, a baby nasal aspirator that really works! Forget using saline spray on it's own, forget using a bulb, forget purchasing filters, forget any other way you know. Why? Just ask someone that uses the BabyComfyNose and you'll know why.

  • I personally couldn't be without it and I highly recommend all mothers have one on hand. Even if your baby isn't as congested as my baby, they are bound to catch a cold eventually. You can't prevent them from getting sick but you can relieve their stuffy noses with the BabyComfyNose. It's only $19.95 plus $2.75 postage Australia wide, a very small price to pay for something that works so well. It even comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee.

    - Battery-powered devices simply cannot generate sufficient suction required to remove the mucus residing deeper in the sinus cavities. The high cost of the unit and the batteries aside, if it worked, we'd pay twice as much for it. But it doesn't, so we won't. Human lungs can generate 10 times the suction power (depending on the user) of battery aspirators. And beware the ones that play music with the claim that the child will be distracted and soothed. These units create more negative association in the child than suction.

    - employs the same principle as the BabyComfyNose of using your own suction. And it works really well. What? We're complimenting the competition? Yes, because the human-suction method is by far the most effective way to remove nasal mucus in small children (with the exception of hospital suction). But here's the catch: with the Nosefrida, you are committing to buying their foam rubber filters for the lifetime of the unit.

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    I received the baby comfy nose and it is really been a blessing. My 5 year old has been extremely congested and has had difficulty blowing her nose well, so the baby comfy nose has helped to get the congestion moving so she can blow it out more efficiently. Thank you again for your quick response and your commitment to customer service. I will be singing your product and company’s praises to all my family and friends as well as anyone else who will listen. Thank you again.

    "I would like to commend you on your excellent product! The feedback from a large number of our patients who have used BabyComfyNose as a safer, smarter, and more sanitary alternative to suction bulbs, etc. is 100% positive! I highly recommend this product to all of our patients with young children, and anyone looking for a great improvement over the usual solutions to deal with congestion. Thank You!" David Z. Tusek, MD, North Vista Medical Center

Baby Comfy Nose - How to Clear Baby's Congested Nose BabyComfyNose.

Why is the BabyComfyNose baby aspirator better than bulbs or battery-operated aspirators?
Healthy human lungs generate 5-10 times as much suction power as commercially available bulb or battery-powered nasal aspirators. Bulb or syringe aspirators require several cycles of squeezing the bulb, insertion into the baby’s nose and releasing the bulb. Not only is this difficult to do and can actually cause injury to the child, but bulb aspirators do not generate enough suction to clear your baby’s stuffy nose baby congestion and therefore are not very effective. Battery operated devices also typically do not generate enough suction to be effective. With the BabyComfyNose you can generate greater and more continuous suction.