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  • Thank you so much for this post. The hubby and I are going travelling in September and are havign an ongoing debate about backpacks vs rolled luggage. I am at an age where I have discovered back pain, and yet the husband is too busy trying to discover himself rather than worrying about the practicalities of it all. Hopefully this post should sway him!

    Adam – Great points. I think the other deciding factor is how much or how little you pack. If you’re on the go a lot and quick to move – as you are – then the lighter you pack the better. The heavier your load, the worse it is to use a backpack – from trying to find what you need, to hauling it on and off your back all the time.
    I pack very light, so can manage either a backpack or roller bag. I guess I just don’t run for that many buses and trains however, because I haven’t found the rolling luggage to be that bad. If I really need to speed up and the terrain is awkward, I just pick up the case by the handle and go. My daypack with my computer is on my back, so it’s all very balanced.

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