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Barbie Beach Barbie Doll (Discontinued by manufacturer)

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  • What's a beach party without your besties? Teresa doll joins the rest of the gang for some sun, sand, waves and fun in a floral bikini with sunny yellow trim. A pair of yellow flower-shaped sunglasses “blooms” on her head. Collect all the Barbie Beach dolls (each sold separately) for a real beach party! Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 3 and older.

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  • Product highlights, the buyer rating 0 stars indicates the customer satisfaction with the item Barbie Beach Summer Doll. This item have been released on 15 February 2012 for £ 8.00.

    My daughter got the Mattel Barbie Beach Teresa Doll last year from Walmart. I grabbed it for her on sale for $6.99 when we were looking for a birthday gift for my niece. I am lucky enough that my niece is five years old as well. Because I was able to buy one for her as well to save time and money. I got them at Walmart here in Rhode Island. They were located in the toy section in an isle that had nothing but Barbie dolls in it.

    The Mattel Barbie Beach Teresa Doll is an 11 inch tall standard sized Barbie. She can fit in to any other Barbie clothing so the play is more imaginative if the child changes clothing or what ever they would like to do. She can even use other Barbie ear rings and accessories.

    The Mattel Barbie Beach Teresa Doll is wearing a blue and white pattern bikini top and bottom. She has clear blue sun glasses, some blue flowers in her hair. They are just tiny clips that you can remove if you choose to do so. She also had blue sandals on her feet and carries a blue beach towel that has a little elastic on it so that she can hold it in her hand. She comes with a hair brush, fake bottle of lotion and a few other little things.

    Teresa has long flowing brown hair with lighter high lights in it. Her hair is silky smooth. She has green eyes and subtle make up. I must say this is one of the prettier dolls that my daughter has. So far my daughter has played alone with her, played with her in her Barbie house, taken her in that bath tub, used her in Barbie style cars and vans. And last week we bought a Barbie California Style swimming pool for her Barbie dolls. Needless to say that the Mattel Barbie Beach Teresa Doll was the first to go in since she is wearing a swim suit. So she has gotten a lot of use out of it. From what my sister tells me , my niece too loved it and still plays with it as well.

    The Mattel Barbie Beach Teresa Doll is recommended for children ages five years old and over. No one younger should be left alone to play with this doll. There are many small items that can be choked on if placed in to a child's mouth. It is important to read all warnings before giving a doll like this to a child if you are not sure that they are old enough or mature enough for it.

    My daughter and niece love their dolls and both of them have had a lot of fun with them. For the small price that I paid I find that I got a real bargain. The Mattel Barbie Beach Teresa Doll is very well worth the money. At full price she is only $8.99 at the Walmart here in Rhode Island. I do very highly recommend it to all.

  • The sun is always shining when Barbie doll is around! Get ready for a summer full of fun with Barbie doll in an a-doll-able heart-print bikini with a bow. There's also a pair of pink heart-shaped sunglasses to make sure she always sees the world through rose-colored glasses! Collect all the Barbie Beach dolls (each sold separately) for a real beach party! Dolls cannot stand alone. Ages 3 and older.

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Barbie doll and her friends always love a beach day! And dressed for the water, they are ready for summer fun! This doll looks sun-sational wearing a fabulous patterned one-piece swimsuit that is right on trend and so her style. Girls will love playing out beach days, pool parties and summer vacation with this adorable doll. Collect all the Barbie Beach dolls (each sold separately) for a real beach party! Includes doll wearing non-removable swimwear. Doll cannot stand alone. Ages 3 and older.