Bayleef when her feelings get hurt

Chikorita when she evolved into Bayleef

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  • Bayleef looks like a cartoonish sauropod. It has a pale yellow body supported by four legs and a rather long neck and tail. On top of its head is a single large leaf and around its neck are seven oval-shaped, flower buds.

    Bayleef resembles a pale yellow sauropod dinosaur, or a lizard, with curled leaf-like growths, stated to be buds with small tree shoots inside, sprouting in a ring around its neck. A large leaf shaped like a scythe protrudes from its head. It has red eyes, and has one large toenail on each foot. It also has a small tail.

  • Bayleef's most defining trait is the "necklace" of seven tubular leaves that is located around its neck. Each of these curled up leaves contains inside it a tree shoot. From these leaves wafts a spicy scent that has stimulating properties to those who smell it. It can cheer people up, restore their health, make them more energetic and even heighten their drive for competition. It's name is inspired by the bay leaf.

    In almost all of the Pokémon games, the only way to get a Bayleef is by evolving a . Therefore, the availability of Chikorita generally dictates the availability of Bayleef. In , a Bayleef is a Shadow Pokémon that can be Snagged in Team Snagem's hideout or at the beginning of the game by fighting the Mystery Troop Verde in Phenac City.

    Chikorita Bayleef Meganium
    lvl 16
    lvl 32

  • Bayleef did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):
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    Bayleef are calmer than their previous stage, . However, the scent that wafts from their leaves serves to make people excited and can cause them to want to fight. It is very outgoing like , but is more cautious. It looks up to and other grass types for knowledge. It will hide from danger and have its mother fend for her young. If anything to happen to the mother, it won't take care of its siblings, and rather join other grass types for protection, or join a herd of traveling . There have been instances where joined groups of for help. Bayleef often can fend for themselves.

In Crystal's Chikorita evolves into a Bayleef.

Bayleef is one of the Pokémon that Ash has used in his team. It evolved from Chikorita in episode #201 (Current events). Like its pre-evolved form, Bayleef feels a strong bond of affection towards its trainer, which it usually expresses by trying to climb all over him, a matter complicated by the dramatic increase in mass. One memorable moment was when Bayleef won a race involving Ash riding a skateboard with Bayleef piloting it, beating Gary's . Ash used Bayleef in many battles in Johto, including a gym battle in which it beat a and a . Ash also used Bayleef in the Johto League, where it battled against Gary's , but lost, and against Harrison's , and won. After Bayleef beat Houndoom however, it was defeated by Harrison's . Bayleef is currently at Professor Oak's lab since Ash decided to make a fresh start when going to Hoenn, and therefore, left all of his Pokémon, except with Professor Oak.