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Earth's Best Chlorine-Free Diapers, Size 4, 100 Count

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  • This Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers might not be your best natural diaper because it is not made of biodegradable materials but it can be the best disposable diaper for your little one because of its design. Its cut is umbilical cord cut out to make sure that it will snug your baby’s tummy which can be irritating to most babies. The liner of this diaper is the only part made of renewable materials plus it has a pocketed waistband to keep all liquids contained.

    Among the leading makers of disposable diapers is Huggies but this manufacturer also offers one of its best all natural diapers through its Huggies Pure & Natural Diapers. This product says that it is natural so let’s find out if this indeed true.

  • Nurtured by Nature wanted to create superior and the best natural diaper that it can release in the market hence it came up with this chlorine free natural diaper that aims to lessen our environmental footprint in this world. This is a diaper that doesn’t release Dioxins and organochlorides keeping the air around your baby free and clear all day and night long. How Nurtured by Nature kept their natural diaper as absorbent as the leading brands? By using synthetic gel material combined with innovative bio-based absorbent material plus a traditional absorbent gel material –mixing all these three absorbent amterials created the best natural diaper in our natural diaper review.

    For a price of $83.12, Bamboo Nature’s natural disposable diaper claims to be the “Most Absorbent, Highest Quality Eco-Friendly Diaper in the World”. It takes pride in the fact that it is a certified free of any chemicals and properties such as allergens. It is also made of hypoallergenic materials hence it is one of the best all natural diapers in the market today.

  • Why should you use the best natural diaper from Nurtured by Nature? Although it is cheap, the manufacturer made sure that they are not compromising the quality of their product and they made it even more sustainable than other brands that are higher in cost. The performance is also comparable to other leading brands and safer for the environment to use with its back sheet and top sheet made of renewable materials. Nurtured by Nature believes that they can produce a product that is environmental friendly while remaining superior in quality.

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In a 2014 natural diaper review list, Bambo Nature was the top picked and bests all natural diaper of the list because of great customer feedback, high performance and great construction. It was followed closely by Nature Babycare. Nature Babycare was on the list because of its durability, absorption rate, and for being made of renewable energy. It placed second though because of its paper feel and for inability to contain liquid from heavy wetters. The third best natural diaper on the list was Broody Chick which is also chlorine and fragrance free. The only issue that the said natural diaper review had with Broody Chick was its price. The last was The Honest Company Diapers for being unique on its design yet too expensive as well for a disposable diaper.