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LEGO Star Wars 75146 Advent Calendar Building Kit (282 Piece)

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  • Each and every year and all through the year, you’ll find toys in almost every category that will hit the Best Selling Toys lists.

    This usually happens when you you find yourself needing a specific toy as a gift for a child who has their heart set on that particular toy and it seems as nothing else will take it’s place.

    More often than not, these best selling toys are generally toys that have gained in popularity because either the brand name has a long standing history of producing excellent quality toys – or the particular toy originated from a movie franchise.

  • Jenn Markey, VP of Marketing and Product Management at 360pi, said the Star Wars merchandise release disrupted the existing best seller rankings, essentially launching the toy shopping season into early overdrive. "As always, there is speculation as to which toys will be most popular this holiday, and we are happy to offer our subscribers this early indication of best selling toys," she said.

    If you’re looking for best selling toys for girls, these are going to be the popular princess fashion dolls that are patterned after blockbuster movies. Those are in high demand every year. Plus, you can get their many clothes along with the fashion dollhouses, cars, campers and yachts.

  • Games are another category where you can find plenty of best selling toys. You can get strategy games that require patience and skill, games that require logic and solving puzzles or games that simply require you to be faster than your opponent. In this category, you’ll find board games, card games, online games and handheld electronic games.

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