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How big are lalaloopsy dolls

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  • These are all of Little Star's big Lalaloopsy dolls as of today. This is a requested video from Nylie Mbye. Thank you SEW much for your sweet comments and Lala Love!!!!

    All girls even little ones love fashion, outfits, accessories and jewelery. Lalaloopsy also love to wear trendy and fresh outfits. For now there are 12 different outfits to choose from: Raincoat, Bathrobe, 3 Party Dress, 2 Pajamas, Winter Coat and Swim Suit. All of them are very well made and fit all original big Lalaloopsy dolls. And don’t forget that each doll is already dressed up in unique outfit, so you can match, mix and share all 38 outfits if you collected all Lalaloopsys. And of course you can sew your own clothing for these beautiful girls to wear.

  • When many think of Lalaloopsy dolls, we think of big Lalaloopsy dolls. Well at least I do. There are though mini Lalaloopsy dolls that are perfect for playing with on the go. My daughter loves that she can bring multiple Lalaloopsy’s with us wherever we go and I love that they don’t take up a lot of room. It is so cute too how they have mini versions of all the popular Lalaloopsy dolls that my daughter already has. She likes to call the mini dolls their babies.

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