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1996 dark bay blanket Appaloosa

Breyer Classics Blanket Appaloosa and Foal Set

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  • Blanket and snowcap appaloosas are both the result of PATN2 with different numbers of varnish alleles. One varnish allele with PATN2 gives a blanket appaloosa, while two varnish alleles with PATN2 give a snowcap appaloosa.

    This American Appaloosa horse looks like it might be a combination of extensive blanket appaloosa and varnish roan. Note the different shades of color on the front of the body, and how the roaning of the face stops at the nasal bridge, creating a 'badger face'.

  • This stocky young palomino blanket spotted Appaloosa mare has a white blanket which covers most of her body, and palomino spots which again cover most of her body. This was her first outing at a Western schooling show.

    This horse is another example of a blanket spotted Appaloosa, with a small white blanket and a few large black spots. His buckskin coat shows some roan (white hairs mixed with the brown hairs in his coat). He doesn’t show pink and black mottling around his muzzle, nor the white sclera around his eye, but he does have stripy hooves.

    Bright Secretary LD First Secretary
    1974 chestnut blanket Appaloosa
    1970 chestnut Thoroughbred
    Triple Crown Winner
    Bold Ruler 1954 brown TB
    Somethingroyal 1952 bay TB
    1961 black blanket Appaloosa
    Yellow House 1953 chest roan Appy
    Coalie Appy
    Bright Starlette
    1963 dun blanket splash Appaloosa
    Hall of Fame
    Bright Eyes Brother
    1950 dun blanket splash Appaloosa
    Billy Maddon 1944 rd dun QH
    Plaudette 1931 buckskin QH
    Deanna Duster
    1958 sorrel QH
    Star Duster 1944 sorrel QH
    Jos Misty 1948 palomino QH

  • Topsailin At Noon PV Moon Dancer
    1996 dark bay blanket Appaloosa
    Gold Finger
    1981 palomino blanket Appaloosa
    Mighty Paul, 1964 palomino blanket Appaloosa
    Huts Greyfeather. Appaloosa
    W R Brite Rhiannon
    Impressive Future, 1985 Appaloosa
    Brite-Charlotte, Appaloosa
    Smartest Solano
    2000 QH
    Smart Little Lena
    1979 sorrel QH
    Doc O Lena, 1967 sorrel QH
    Smart Peppy, 1966 sorrel QH
    Queen Glo Solano
    1989 grey QH
    Docs Solano, 1971 sorrel QH
    Glos Miss Martha, 1968 grey QH

    This blue or bay roan blanket spotted Appaloosa horse, galloping flat out in a Western gaming race, has a huge white blanket, and dark spots over most of his body. Also mottled pink and black skin, white sclera, stripy hooves and a very sparse mane and tail.

Chestnut Large Spotted Blanket Appaloosa Foal

The important thing to remember, though, is that appaloosas are all varnishes. Without a pattern, leopard complex is varnish roan. If the horse also inherits the right kind of patterning gene (or genes), like the elderly gelding Comanche above, he will be a blanket appaloosa. Genetically Comanche is still a varnish roan, but the pattern gene he inherited transformed the varnish pattern into a blanket.