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  • Bo which is a staff is a weapon used in Japanese Martial Arts for Bojutsu. Chinese Martial Arts used the term staff or gun in Kung fu or gongfu, wushu or traditional. Bo Staff is the common term now used. A Bo Staff can be made from a variety of wood such as wax wood, red oak, white oak, rattan, graphite, teak wood,etc. A bo staff can also be made of foam rubber over pvc,or even metal. The Bo Staff range from heavy to light weight, from rigid to highly flexible, and can be single tapered, double tapered or just a straight staff. See our selection. We also carry 3 piece graphite bo, 3 section staffs, and 2 section staffs.

    So you want to master bo staff? Or, even just learn a few cool moves and basics – this is the Complete Beginner’s Guide to Bo Staff. You’ve found the right place to start.

  • Find the perfect martial arts practice weapons here. We carry swords for all styles from the samurai sword to the kung fu broadsword. You can also find wooden weapons like the bokken and kali escrima stick as well as the bo staff and hanbo. If you would like to display your weapons in the office or dojo we carry a full line of oak weapon displays. For those who travel to tournaments we also have carrying cases for a variety of weapons from the sai to the tonfa.

    The grandfather of all weapons is the bo staff. The beginnings of the bo staff are lost in antiquity. But its effectiveness is well known. Understand this particular weapon and you will strengthen your empty hand skills. In addition when you need to defend yourself it can help even out the odds even when you do not have your weapon handy any pole or broom stick will do nicely. But first you need to practice with the real thing. In ancient China the bo staff was one of the first weapons taught to the student. As it forms the basis of all other long range weapons. Typically and depending ones style and techniques the bo staff demands strong snappy motions. The staff helps the student learn to use his body and to twist the waist all while having good footwork. Proper training with the bo staff helps to strengthen the muscles in the forearms, waist and shoulders. Regardless of what martial art style a person studies or trains in a solid training in bo staff techniques will certainly enhance your empty hand skills.

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  • 1903-6   Red Oak Bo Staff

    Amazing Bo Staff Skills. Join me during a Bo Staff Routine which will improve our strength, timing, hand eye coordination, and health! This is a Rattan Staff in this video! Chinese Kung Fu Staff!

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Hi, my name is Michael Lewis, from Christian Martial Arts. We're talking about how to spin around a bo staff. There's many, many different ways to spin a bo staff around, so you can't really hold yourself to one. The best thing to do is go out into your backyard, just start experimenting around with this, and see what really works for you. To start out with a few basics, obviously, just something that is really not practical, but it just looks cool. You can add it in to your forms, or into your cottas, or anything that you make up, is just to take the bo staff, spin it around, and take one hand off, catch it on the other side, and just continue to flip, left or right hand, whichever you start out with. I'm starting with my left hand here, and just flipping it around. Just make sure you keep it near the center. If you get off and you start sliding down, which is very easy, your weight is going to be unevenly distributed, and you could possibly lose your bo staff. Another way, adding in strikes into spinning your bo staff, is to take, have the left hand palm down, the right hand palm up. What I do, is I take it, I spin it around, to where my arms are crossed, but then I lay it up against my body, to the side, and that's actually a strike in of itself, but then you can turn that, into a spin, by taking it, uncrossing your arms, changing your hands positions, so now your right hand is palm down, left hand palm up. Spin it to cross your arms, and lay it down, so if you put it all together, you just go back and forth, just like that. If you want to get a little bit more intricate with that, you'd begin to scoop. You take your hands, same position, right hand palm up, left hand palm down. Cross it around and lay it up against your body, and what you do, is you scoop down, change your hands, and now you scoop down to the other side, and it's actually a continuous spinning of the bo staff. You just have to learn to change your hands at the right time, and make sure that you're staying in the center of the bo staff, so those are just two or three basic ways, to be able to spin your bo staff around, and get started. Again, experiment with it. Go out into your backyard, and give it a try.