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  • TAG : Boys Will Be Boys, But What If They Like Girl Toys
  • This is only one of several distinct differences between boys and girls toys. Boys toys focus on heroic entitlement and different real life jobs.

    Gender neutrality sounds good in principle but is not practical in reality. They did an experiment with monkeys and gave them a mixture of boys and girls toys. They found that male monkeys spent 3 times more time with boys toys then they did with female toys, and vice versa. They believed that its more biological predisposition at play and the different roles the gender play. Having both a girl (6) and a boy (3) I have seen without prompting from us my daughter gravitate towards a dolls and princesses, and my son super heroes and cars. My son has grown up around girl toys, plays with evereything, yet still has a fascination with cars (not from me).

  • This finding comes despite recent discussion about which toys boys and girls should be allowed to play with. As Todd explained in the study, there’s been an uncertainty about whether boys and girls prefer toys tied to their own gender and how that affects a child’s development. This piece of research shows that yes, indeed, children are drawn to toys that match their gender.



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