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Breyer Stablemates Horse Lover's Collection Shadow Box

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    So those are the ins and outs of the Breyer horse world. I myself have been collecting seriously since about 1990. Since I've spent most of that time being a poor starving student, I've had to choose carefully how I spent my limited funds. Every year I try to get as many of the special runs as I can. Then, from the regular line of Breyers, there's two recurring models that I always buy - the Limited Edition, which is a horse that will only be produced by the company during that year, and the Hall of Fame Edition (used to be called the Commemorative Edition) which is limited to 10,000 pieces. Then I'll usually buy any brand new models, or any of the regular runs which I think is just too beautiful not to have. In this way, I've amassed a collection of around 300 horses (I haven't really counted recently ;-).

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    Unlike some collectible toys, Breyer horse packaging does not generally affect the model's value. Unfortunately, there have been some issues with pre-2000s packaging, in which if a model is left in the box for an extended period of time, the box can actually cause harm to the horse's finish due to rubbing of the horse's paint on the sides of the box or on the plastic ties binding it to the packaging, therefore diminishing the model's value.

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  • Breyer Classic Morgan Family, created 2002.
    Breyer Miniature Horse Sculpture, created in 1998

    BreyerFest was first held in 1990 and since then has been held annually in July at the in Lexington, Kentucky. This popular event is a three-day festival for model horse collectors of all ages. During this event, attendees can purchase special run Breyer models sold only at Breyerfest, purchase RR (Regular Run) and retired models from Breyer and dealers in attendance, and participate in large . In addition, there are classes on how to paint, customize, and repair models as well as lectures on collecting and judging them. Special guests of honor, usually renowned trainers and famous horses, are also present and perform for the attendees. Typically, the equine guest of honor has been previously represented by a Breyer model horse. A live auction is held each year featuring one of a kind model horses created by Breyer and sold to the highest bidder, often for thousands of dollars. A silent auction for rare or customized models and model horse related accessories is also held. Included in the purchase price of a 3-day ticket is a Traditional-scale "Celebration" model, and 1-day ticket holders receive a Stablemate-scale model. Each BreyerFest has a unique theme, upon which many or all of the special run models are designed.

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A live show is a little bit different. For one thing, the judge can see ALL angles of the model horse, so the model must be essentially perfect. Not all Breyer horses are created equal; even horses that are supposed to be identical will show some differences due to the by which they are made. Some horses come out with factory flaws, such as accidentally painted/unpainted areas, uneven seams, etc. And the shading and coloration often vary from model to model, with some variations being more pleasing than others. So the first and most important criterion in a live horse show is the overall condition of the model. Also important is cleanliness; a real horse wouldn't go into the show ring with dirt on him, so a model horse shouldn't go in with dust! Other than that, the live show is judged in much the same way as a photo show, with the same classes and all.