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This encased Crystal Bubble Table Lamp has a unique, silver design that will give your home the perfect finishing touch. This 28-i

Step2 Big Bubble Splash Water Table

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  • What’s bubble blowing without some funny bubble blowing faces! Here are some of our bubble blowing outtakes. The one where Logan is crossing his eyes cracks me up! Once my kiddos grew tired of bubble blowing, I loved that they could use the bubble table also as a water table. You could also use the table as an indoor sensory table during snowy winter months (or hot summer months if you live in Arizona like us). I can see this table getting a lot of use, even more so than a typical water table. As far as assembly goes, it was just a few screws and the kids were happily playing within 15 minutes. Word to the wise, pick up a package of AAA batteries with the table. You’ll need four for the blowing machine. So fun and in my opinion, one of Step2’s best toys yet!

    The Step2 bubble table comes with three awesome bubble wands, but we thought it’d be fun to create our own fancy wands out of pipe cleaners. This is a simple project that even toddlers can do with some assistance (and a watchful eye if you are using little beads). First, wrap the top of a pipe cleaner around a 1 inch circle cookie cutter. Make sure to leave about an inch slack at the end. Next, wrap that extra inch of pipe cleaner around the stem. Remove the cookie cutter and you’ll have a perfect circle. Your kids can help string the pipe cleaner with beads. Once they reach the bottom, fold the end of the pipe cleaner so the beads can’t escape. Dip your new bubble wands in the Step2 bubble table and start blowing!

  • Bubbles Ceramic Table Lamp Created by Lilach Lotan Ceramic lighting centerpiece in wheel-thrown and hand-built unglazed translucent porcelain. Uses one 10 watt halogen bulb (included). Signed on back. As not two pieces are alike, they may differ in shape and size, still staying true to the Bubbles theme.

    Only for you would I attempt making a bubble wrap tablecloth, but just don’t ask me to ever use a glue gun. The last time I did I hot glued the pads of my fingers off. Now I can commit bank robberies with our fear of prison as I no longer have fingerprints. An example of how arts and crafts can lead to crime.

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  • Next idea: making a bubble table. Now, my girls were entertained for a good long time at San Francisco’s Exploratorium last fall just at the big bubble table.

Bubble Guppies Table Cover- Party City

My daughter’s preschool has a big bubble table set up all summer long, and it’s a magical place where the kids can chill out and regroup while they make and pop bubbles. The other day I set up a few water areas around our yard, and the kids would migrate to this bubble table after a few rounds on the Slip ‘n Slide or bounces on our neighbor’s see-saw.