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5 years + Find, catch and observe bugs safely with this Bug Vacuum set.

Backyard Safari Lazer Light Bug Vac

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  • Unfortunately, this bug vacuum doesn't do the job... it only makes a squeamish spider hater having to fight the spider to get the job done. I wanted this to work so badly, but a shoe is much more effective and faster, too!

    We've had a terrible infestation of fruitflies for the past several months that I just couldn't get ahead of. We own birds, so sprays are out and traps and home remedies weren't cutting it. This works great - sucks them up and zaps them DEAD. It's pretty quiet and rechargeable so you don't need batteries. The other bug vacuums seem to be geared for kids collecting bugs to study them - this one kills them! I don't know how it will be on larger bugs, but it's perfect for fruitflies and the few flour moths I sucked up. WELL WORTH THE MONEY!...

  • I hate chasing spiders, crickets and other creepy, crawlies that might get into the house. This bug vacuum works has a long handle which gives you extra reach to scoop those nasty things off the wall. No mess. Its always ready because it recharges in its base....

    I DO NOT like spiders. Our house has more small-sized spiders than I'm comfortable with. When I researched a way to control them, I thought the Bug Vacuum was the perfect solution. Wrong.

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    • A motor generated critter catcher bug vac
    • Encourages nature exploration & develops motor skills
    • Created in association with National Geographic
    • Features a foot long tube to capture bugs
    • Fully enclosed motor provides light suction that does not harm insects
    • Effective in lifting dust from a child's room as well, (anything lighter ...
    • Detachable, magnified viewing chamber to view the bugs up close
    • Easily carried by handle, but don't leave out in the sun (magnification)
    • Constructed of durable plastic
    • On/Off switch located below unit
    • 4 AA Batteries needed
    • Bugs and batteries not included

    I am terrified of spiders, and this has been a lifesaver when I've been home alone and had to kill one! The tube is long enough that you can reach a bug on the ceiling usually without needing to get a chair or stool. And, it's long enough so you don't feel like you have to get too close to the bug -- which is good for me when I have to kill a spider. I have found that sometimes the suction is stronger when you don't use the cup attachment at the top. Some other bug vacuums suck the bugs into a cartridge that you have to replace, but this one is nice because there's no cartridge. The bug just get an electric shock and then you can shake it into the garbage or toilet. Sometimes I've had to pull the blue tube off and tap the device lightly on the toilet or the garbage can to get the bug to release. I had one of these before and it lasted about 5 years before its internal battery wouldn't hold a charge anymore. But, it was well worth the money, and I purchased a new one right away....

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No more chasing or running from bugs around your home, the Lentek Rechargeable Cordless Handheld Bug Vacuum creates a stylish, high-powered suction that captures unwanted pests. A trap door feature securely traps captures pest, within the nozzle and prevents them from flying back out. It’s a stress free way to deal with creepy crawlys. It’s also a non-toxic alternative to costly, poisons you spray in your home. A must for any home, office or cottage. A convenient and stylish base keeps your vacuum fully charged until you’re ready to use it again.