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Bryn McAuley ................... Caillou (2000-2001)

I'm sure if we rally together we can get it off air. My mentions are full of caillou disgust lol
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Caillou loves meeting new friends in school. What's your favorite thing about school?
Caillou's Holiday Movie
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Jaclyn Linetsky ................ Caillou (2002-2004)

Caillou the Creative

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  • The Department of Public Works has a fleet maintenance facility on Grand Caillou Road where five full-time mechanics take care of many of the larger, rolling pieces of equipment, such as tractors, dump trucks, Gradalls and excavators. It also has a satellite facility on Plant Road where two mechanics service small vehicles.

    "We’re moving the drainage department, administration and fleet maintenance to Gray. The road and bridges department and the vegetation department are going to stay here at the Grand Caillou facility," he said.

  • Rain, sleet, sun, and snow: Caillou is amazed by all the ways that weather changes. He’s nearly in a state during a thunderstorm until Dad explains what thunder is (and how to tell it’s going away). Caillou also makes the best of a rainy day by splashing in puddles. And when a winter storm hits, Mom and Dad make a scary blackout into a fun indoor camping trip, complete with sleeping bags and marshmallows! Mom is making one of her special snowman cakes, which means Caillou and Rosie have to go to the shop with her to get the ingredients. Then Caillou gets lost in the shop…but it all works out fine in the end. On another day, when Caillou’s kite-flying plans are defeated by rain, he creates a pirate ship in his living room.

    It sounds like it was a real eye-opener for a lot of kids, too. Babies are hard. The young parents in the video talked about losing friends, the sudden excess of worry and responsibility, and losing one’s social activities to endless nights watching Dora. (I’d have said Caillou, if I really wanted to scare them.)

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  • Evan Smirnow ... Cailette Singer (74 episodes, 1997-2003)
    Ellen David ... Miss Martin (68 episodes, 2000-2013)
    Jennifer Seguin ... Caillou's Mom / ... (56 episodes, 2000-2013)
    Merlee Shapiro ... Storyteller / ... (56 episodes, 2000-2013)
    Pat Fry ... Caillou's Dad / ... (54 episodes, 2000-2013)
    Annie Bovaird ... Caillou / ... (47 episodes, 2003-2013)
    Jesse Vinet ... Rosie (46 episodes, 2004-2013)
    Bob Stutt ... Gilbert (42 episodes, 2000-2013)
    Pauline Little ... Grandma / ... (31 episodes, 2000-2013)
    Melissa Pirrera ... Sarah / ... (30 episodes, 2004-2013)

    Discovery, learning, growing. In Caillou’s world, these things are paramount. Being 4 years old means life is full of little challenges – and sometimes BIG ones too! Caillou meets these challenges eagerly; exploring his world, discovering new things, and often learning from his mistakes. With a focus on healthy nutrition, exercise, safety, and the environment, each “Caillou” episode is grounded in an everyday experience – one that inspires children to grow emotionally as they explore the world around them. As Caillouovercomes life’s obstacles and makes healthy choices, children are inspired to do the same – making him an everyday hero!

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If you answered yes, then you are going to love Caillou, because this little son of a bitch does nothing but whine. That is his only reaction to every situation. Caillou goes to school, he whines. Caillou makes breakfast, he whines. It’s raining outside. Guess who is whining about that too? No matter what is going on around him, this kid has a mission to ruin the lives of all the people who are forced to spend more than one minute in his presence. Hell, even in Caillou books, he whines!