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Calico Critters Baby's Nursery Set

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  • While most parents do not even know what the calico critters are other parents can tell you the name of the characters and dolls that are available. However, some parents take it a step further and really impress their kids by getting them the calico critters baby. However, the parents often need to know why they should be getting these critter babies as a present for their children to play with.

    As many people have found out, it is very easy to see a wide range of animals that are available as these critters. For example, people may have one child that likes chipmunks, which are available as one of the family sets. However, the little sister may not like the chipmunks and wants to get the family set of the hedgehogs. So the wide range of animals that are available is going to help keep the kids interested in the toys and animals in general for a longer period of time.

    Number of babies that are available is going to vary as well. In the natural world, it is not common for the animals to have just a single baby. Since this is the case, the company that makes the Calico Critters has decided to take and produce the babies that are available for each of the animal families as twins or triplets. So this is going to allow the children to get several different babies at once and realize just how much work it is to take care of their animal family, much like the regular parents have to cope with the issues of the family life.

    Lifelike features are something else the kids are going to really enjoy with the calico critters. While most of the time people never think about this, they need to realize these critters are made with the shapes that are the same as the regular animals, but they will also have the addition of the clothing and other items that are going to make these into the dolls and critters that the kids are going to love to play with.

    Stories that come with each of these critters is something else the kids tend to enjoy. Generally the kids enjoy seeing the stories that are available with the characters and the dolls. Each of these stories will help add to the dolls real life appeal to the kids and this is going to make it easier for the kids to enjoy the playing they are doing even more.

    While most parents have never heard of the calico critters before, other people have not only heard of them, but know them by name. This is when the parents should know about the best gift ever for their kids, the Calico Critters baby. By knowing about these babies and how they can help round out the family it will be easy for the parents to find the right gifts to give to their kids. Without this, the kids could be disappointed in the gifts they are getting.

    Whether the babies want to splash in the water or build in the sand, with the Calico Critters Baby Pool and Sandbox, they are ready for tons of fun in the sun! On one side there is a pool, ready to jump in with the slide, stairs, swim tube and beach ball. And, turn it over to see the sandbox on the other side! Plenty of sandbox accessories are also included, such as a sand castle, bucket, shovel, watering can and extra sand, along with a bench to sit on and relax. Calico Critters twins and kids will love playing outside with their own pool and sandbox!

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    The Calico Critters Baby Amusement Park Set comes with a Ferris wheel and six gondola seats, park archway, Critter roller coaster, ticket booth, 2 tickets and swinging clouds! Kids will love operating the rides! Critters and Choo Choo Train set sold separately. Ages 3 +.

    Calico babies love their cozy Calico Critters Triple Baby Bunk Beds! The bunk beds can be positioned in 3 fun ways. Stack them as three bunk beds, arrange them like a pyramid, or simply use them as 3 separate beds. The bunk beds come complete with mattresses, blankets and 2 climbing ladders and fit all Calico Critters Babies, found in Calico Critters Twin Sets! Calico Critters twins or babies not included.

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    Calico Critters Baby Pool & Sandbox

  • Calico Critters Baby Twins

    What a happy baby! With the Calico Critters Baby Love 'n Care Set, Sophie Snowbunny is the most content critter around. Take care of Sophie with all her cute nursery items - a pink bassinette with canopy that actually rocks, a play table and stool, a cute pink tub, her bottle, a change of clothes, the most important thing, her potty! This set will keep Sophie happy and healthy, while allowing kids to give her all the love and care possible.

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Calico Critters Baby Play Park w/Twins Cloverleaf Corners is a magical place of imagination; where animal families all live together; as well as play; laugh; learn and love. There are charming homes; playgrounds; toy shops; schools and more! Each parent is about 3' tall; child 2.25' tall; and baby 1.25' tall. The clothing is removable and everything is interchangeable. This is the Baby Play Park; and includes twins.