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"Jack Sparrow. It's always regrettable to hear about the loss of a good ship, Captain Barbossa."

DISNEY INFINITY Figure Captain Barbossa

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  • Captain Hector Barbossa is a fictional character in the popular Disney film trilogy . Barbossa was first introduced in the series as the primary antagonist in the trilogy's first installment, . Having met his demise in the climax of the first film, his character is resurrected at the end of the second film, becoming a supporting protagonist in the third film. In the third film, it is revealed that Barbossa is also one of the nine pirate lords as pirate lord of the Caspian Sea territory. He ranked #30 in the top 30 Disney villains. Coming close to

    Captain Hector Barbossa is a brutish pirate captain underneath his classy, gentlemanly façade. He’s after riches, revenge and freedom from curses, but he especially can’t keep his claws off the Black Pearl or anything else belonging to Jack Sparrow. Haunted by supernatural terrors of the sea, he always manages to cheat death somehow.

  • Captain Barbossa is back! Well, at least most of him is. Don’t be fooled by his limp or missing limb, this pegleg pirate still won’t be slowed in the race for the Fountain of Youth or to avenge the loss of his leg by hunting down the man he blames for his demise, Blackbeard. Barbossa is reformed from his outlaw ways and now sails under the flag of the Crown, as a privateer charged with finding the Fountain of Youth.

    Apparently returned from the dead with help from , Captain Barbossa now aids Will Turner and Elizabeth Swann in rescuing the man he betrayed and was later murdered by, Captain Jack Sparrow.

    Captain Barbossa

    Katakana バルボッサ
    Rōmaji Barubossa
    Voice actors (Ja:) Haruhiko Jō
    (En:) Brian George
    Homeworld Port Royal
    Origin Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl
    Game Kingdom Hearts II

  • Captain Barbossa

    Kingdom Hearts II
    Pirates of the Caribbean (2003)

    Captain of the Black Pearl and leader of the undead pirates.

    The medallions' curse keeps Captain Barbossa and his men in a kind of limbo between life and death. Their true form is revealed in the moonlight, and it's a terrifying sight to see.

    These days, Captain Barbossa has joined up with Pete in a search for... something.

    Barbossa was originally the Black Pearl's first mate under Captain . Barbossa persuaded Sparrow to reveal the bearings leading towards the to him and the rest of the crew. Sparrow divulged its location, but that night, Barbossa led a mutiny and commandeered the Black Pearl, leaving Sparrow marooned on a tiny island, with only a single-shot pistol with which to commit suicide. The newly captained Barbossa and the crew stole the cursed Aztec treasure, which bestowed each member of the crew with the same curse. The crew had become Undead Pirates, unable to enjoy the pleasurable things in life and trapped between life and death. To lift the curse, the crew must return all the Aztec gold to the chest on Isla de Muerta and offer the blood of all who had touched the treasure. The pirates also needed the blood of their former shipmate, "Bootstrap Bill" Turner, the only one to hold out against the mutiny and then sent his medallion away to his son before being tied to a cannon and thrown overboard.

Captain Barbossa from "Pirates of Caribbean"

In a battle between the and a Spanish fortress, Captain Barbossa leads the pirate assault, giving orders to his crew as cannonballs screech towards the fort in the ongoing battle. He also seems to be searching for .