Black Italian Leather Swivel Chairs with White Stitching

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Chiar daca dau de necaz

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  • This is a very impressive pair of chairs featuring a set of Danish modern lounge chairs. This design was first introduced in the 1970s and is lauded for the high level of comfort that it has to offer. In terms of appearance these chairs are no less than a work of art. They have been constructed on tubular metal and feature chrome frames. This makes them feel and appear like soft leather seats. The actual material used in the construction of the chairs is a very high-grade vinyl. This is further accentuated with white stitching to create an interesting contrast. You will also find trademark Ottomans fitted perfectly underneath the chair. These can be pulled out easily whenever required. You will be able to get your hands on this pair of vintage chrome lounge chairs for less than $800.

    Armchairs are all about individual comfort. That’s why we have a lot to choose from – so you can sit comfortably and get the look you like, too. You’ll find everything from cozy chairs for conquering that crossword to recliners for your afternoon naps. And many of our fabric covers can be machine-washed or dry-cleaned, too.

  • Thomas Jefferson chairs. Pee Wee Herman named his '.' Archie Bunker's is now at The National Museum of American History. And when the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey sat on a swivel chair for the first time, she was .

    For about $500 you can get your hands on this high quality and elegant set of four vintage Danish modern chairs. These chairs measure 18 inches wide and have a depth of 16 inches. They stand 36 inches off the ground and are about 19 inches high. The chairs feature highly ornate solid teak frames that are further accentuated with rich sculptural graining. The overall finish gives these chairs an excellent appeal. The chip also features single piece back legs. You’ll find them to be swept outwards at the floor and gracefully curving at the top. This creates the perfect contour to give support to your back. These chairs are easy to clean and are likely to retain their quality for a long time to come.

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    The Non removable bean bag chair section of our site offers bean bag furniture that does not have the option of removing the cover. These bean bag chairs can be refilled. These chairs are the classic beanbags that started it all. They are available in a wide array of colors and fabrics.

    The Royal Sack™ is a bean bag-like chair filled with foam. They’re offered in Small, Large and X-Large. The small size is good for children 7 years old and under. The large size better suits kids 8 years old and up. The X-large giant bean bag chair is for anyone that likes oversized chairs. These chairs are great for larger adults or for seating couples.

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    In the new book architect Witold Rybczynski traces the history of chairs. Take a close look at what you're sitting on, he says, and you'll learn about trends in architecture, design, culture and society.

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Chairs are old — really old. But when exactly did humans decide the ground wasn't good enough? The oldest kind of chair, Rybcynski believes, was probably a folding chair — think of the nomadic tribes in ancient China, for example. "There are lots of occasions where you want to walk somewhere and then you want to sit," Rybczynski says. Who knew your beach chair had such a backstory?