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  • Buy the latest list of must-have toys for Christmas at Toys R Us, Walmart and Amazon online. Shop early to avoid toy shortages on the biggest selling toys this Christmas.

    The top 5 Christmas toys on sale this year include Star Wars, Frozen, Minions, Thunderbirds, Lego and more! The hottest must-have Xmas presents that children will want on December 25 are featured on the list.

  • Believe it or not, Christmas season is already lurking in the distance, which means that kids everywhere are already scribbling lists of Christmas toys for Santa to bring them.

    Are you looking for one of the hottest toys and games of 2016 to give as a Christmas or birthday present for that special boy or girl? Not sure which tablet to buy? What are the hottest kids movies? What about Pokemon and board games? Have no fear – we are dedicated to helping you find just the perfect toy or device when you need to give just the right gift to that child on your gift-giving list. There are many thousands of toys on the market and we highlight new and trending toys that are expected to be hot in the 2016 Christmas shopping season.Here are five of the hottest selling Christmas toys at the moment.

    As far as Christmas gifts are concerned, they are supposed to be a token of our appreciation to the people who matter to us in our lives. So buying a gift for them that they might not appreciate is a complete no no. This is especially true in the case of children, since they always look up to us and have high expectations about what they are going to get for Christmas.

    Therefore, special care should be taken in the selection and purchase of Christmas toys for kids. This will be hard to do in case you have only ten minutes to buy twelve Christmas toys. So given below is a handy list of points, which can be filed away in your mind for future reference, that should help you in choosing good Christmas toys for kids.

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    • For kids elder than these, video games, action and board games, and once again superhero related stuff make the best kind of Christmas toys. Older children are also good at expressing their choices, so you can ask them to tell you about three things that they might want, and then buy one that fits your budget as their Christmas present.


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Sturdy boxes, cosmetic bags and fabric gift bags can be easily recycled to hold new Christmas toys. Boxes can hold army figures, cosmetic bags can hold dress up jewelry and fabric gift bags can store crayons and other small art supplies.