The Cinderella Shoppe, Palmyra, Pennsylvania

My dress that i purchased at the Cinderella shop was extremely high quality!

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  • "The Cinderella Shop has a wonderful group of ladies who volunteer under the direction of Peggy Chancey, the shop manager. These ladies are helpful and knowledgeable and are there to make shopping enjoyable," Taylor said.

    "Just like waving the magic wand, The Cinderella Shop has been transforming wardrobes for ladies over the past twenty years. Maybe not from rags to riches, but the bargain prices have made it possible to be well dressed on a budget," manager Martha Taylor said.

  • Gainer soon received a name from her project from Martha Tanner. The store was called The Cinderella Shop. Originally located on Floyd Street, the store opened on February 28, 1992. During the grand opening, Cinderella, Prince Charming and even the Fairy Godmother were there to greet the public. Cinderella and the Fairy Godmother will be there again tomorrow at 10 a.m. and noon to celebrate the 20th anniversary with all of the crew and customers.

    The Cinderella Shop's history began with a trip to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Peggy Gainer and a group of her friends had been invited by the American Hospital Association to present their award winning fundraising programs to bring in revenue for the local hospital. In the years before, they had directed and produced a stage production at the Porter Auditorium to raise funds for Newton Medical Hospital and to bring in more volunteers.

  • The Cinderella Shop, which supports various hospital programs, is celebrating its 20th anniversary by offering 20% off its products from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. today at its Morgan Plaza location, 2145 Pace St # B Covington.

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Great experience – I must say that I had an excellent experience at the Cinderella Shoppe! I searched for the perfect gown everywhere, and no shops in the area had anything that even compared in the styles. The owner sat down with us and actually took the time to sketch up ideas for the exact style that I was looking for. My budget was $2,000 and she brought out gowns that were much less expensive, but were all gorgeous. The lady who helped me was so sweet and pleasant. She even remembered my mom and I when we came in to pick up the dresses, and stopped to talk to us. I got married a year ago, and was so inspired that i began working for a large bridal chain with a location in harrisburg. I can tell you from my personal knowledge that when you pay for a cheap dress, you are getting a cheap dress!! My dress that i purchased at the Cinderella shop was extremely high quality! I can tell from the fabric and stitching, and the boning in the bodice is great! I also ordered my bridesmaids dresses from there and they were great! I no longer work for the large bridal chain. Their dresses were often cheap material and sold dirty to the customers. I have to much integrity to make sales like that!! I would recommend the cinderella shopp to anyone - my experience was great!!