And I do believe, my soul, its cloe's that's at the bottom of it.

Received the same email format from the one and only Cloe Harris

I was only a dark mulatto color now, whereas two days previous I was as black as cloe.

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  • If you write back, chances are you’ll start receiving far more spam emails in your inbox rather than serious offers. Sadly “Cloe” only wants you for your email address.

    Cloe, along with and was one of the youngest of the tribe. Throughout season one, we see the struggle the younger ones have to go through trying to cope with life with no adults around them to guide and help. As the older members struggle, so the youngest suffer and Cloe is at first detached and quite a loner. She finds a calf and names it spending more time with her than the tribe. However, when she goes missing trying to free Bluebell, she is helped by to return to the Mall. Cloe is known to be an animal lover and spends more of her time with the pets than the actual tribe (apart from Patsy and Paul).

  • Her friendship builds into that of a sisterly relationship with Patsy and the two become firm friends, often trying to make their voices heard to the older ones of the group. In Season Two, Cloe watches her friendship with Patsy deteriorate as takes Patsy under her wing. Cloe is challenged by the thoughts of being abandoned and alone once more, just as she was when her parents were killed by the virus, but and assure her that they are all a family and she will never be alone. Eventually Patsy realises the mistake she has made and the two make up.

    Meredith is Cloe's main enemy. She is always insulting her calling her 'Clover'. Cloe's mom worked for Meredith's family. Due to Cameron & Cloe's relationship, Meredith hates her most out of the four Bratz. Even though Meredith is devious, Cloe still says "I could get you a towel" when Meredith falls into the pool, but she could've possibly been kidding. Cloe looks amusedly at Jade, Sasha & Yasmin when Meredith is singing 'Fabulous' meaning that she likely doesn't think that the song is very good.

    CLOEClusters Linked Over Europe (multi-government exchange)
    CLOECo-Operative Learning Object Exchange (Canada)
    CLOECommon Logistics Operating Environment (US Army)
    CLOECod-Liver Oil Extract

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    In season three Cloe becomes a spy for the resistance, subversively spying on , despite knowing the danger. She wants to do something to help defeat the people who have taken her home away from her, however she is caught spying and sent to the mines.

Cameron taking care of Cloe when she's sick (Sasha's Big Interview)

Cloe has a light-tone skin color, golden blonde hair and brown eyes. She is a Gemini as her birthday is June 19. Cloe's athletic personality could somehow be connected to her sporty-chic style. She loves animal prints and she also has a girly style.