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Ant Habitat W/ LED Light. Enjoy A Magnificent Live Ecosystem At Your Home. Suitable For Kids & Adults. The Best Ant Farm Equipped W/ Enhanced Blue Gel. Evviva Educational & Learning Science Games

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  • Dr. Biology: OK. That actually brings up something I've wanted to ask. We have these cool ant farms that are all obviously in the classroom or at home or in the research lab...

    Remember how cool ant farms were as a kid? The only problem once you got your kit home was getting the actual ants, which typically took about a month via mail order. On top of that if your ant farm was ever knocked over your pet ants would get out into your room, which typically lead to a choking cloud of ant spray and your ant farm being tossed in the trach.
    Bandai Ants Life Studio is a virtual ant farm you can keep right on your desk without fear of your ants escaping! You can interact with your pet ants by giving them sugar, salt, pebbles, worms, and fruit to help them thrive and build their nest. Shaking your ant farm will result in your ants becoming stunned and confused! This cool new life sim is available now from Audio Cubes.

  • Ant farms are cool in and of themselves, but that doesn't mean their designs can't be improved on to look even more fascinating. WebEcoist has a great collection of some of the coolest ant farms around. From flags of different nations to the Clone Trooper farm, these toys make me want to go buy my own ant farm.

    Townsmen, a new virtual city builder by Handygames, is so enjoyable that I had a hard time putting it down. The strange thing is that there isn’t much to the game, if we could even call it a game. Really the title is more akin to those cool ant farms we had as a kid, and possibly related more closely to those giant ant farms that we see in a zoo or private collection. I sat and watched as my hands worked, unable to control what they were doing. This game, this tiny virtual world, had taken over my body and kept me glued to my Nexus 7 tablet. Why did this happen? I have no idea.

  • While the Uncle Milton product came up with the very first cool live Ant Farms ® science project years ago in the back of comic books where 1 cent toys were sold if i recall. Many new toy spin offs have occurred. Insect Kits offer a variety of Bug Kits on sale

Each ant farm kit features a cool magnifying ..