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It's a hot summer day. Time for a cool pool party! The Fresh Beats are ready to dive in and make a splash!

GIANT Inflatable SWAN Pool Float - INSANELY Fun and Cool Raft For ages 5 - 126 With FREE PUMP

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  • Medallion Pool Company owners, Mark and Lynne Dorsey of Asheville, NC, have been receiving some great attention for their Cloud Pool design, an outdoor living area and swimming pool recently featured on HGTV’s “Cool Pools.” The episode first aired on January 1, 2013, a terrific way for Medallion Pool to kick off a new year. Since then, the praise has been pouring in.

    Hours and hours of fun with friends, kids and the whole family await the owner of this spectacular backyard oasis. The slide winds down the backside of the pool and provide a big splash landing. Love the water spilling over the entire structure. From our blog post Cool Pools You Can Dip Your Toes Into. See more by clicking on photo

  • One thing that we do not have is a pool. I hate that we do not have one in our big backyard it is yearning for one. I grew up with a pool and I wish my children had the same opportunity. So while I’m dreaming about a pool in my backyard I figured I should dream big. Check out these 8 “Cool Pools

    Over 26 years of experience, countless numbers of satisfied customers, and we are only getting started. Our swimming pool aeration systems are used throughout the world. Our clients range from Olympic training pools to your local YMCA. From country clubs to the municipal pool around the corner, we cool pool water temperatures and keep swimmers happy.

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    • Cool Pools Fiberglass Pools
      Approximate maintenance cost over 10 years
      - No acid baths
      - No plastering
      - No patches
      - No replacing liners
      - Chemical cost ($25 per month)
      - Electrical cost (1 hp pump, 4 hours a day, $.12 kwh)
      - No pool service

      Total Maintenance Cost over 10 years $4,752

      Jutting out from the 24th floor of the is a cantilevered windowed cube containing a glass-bottomed swimming pool. This very cool pool was designed, along with the rest of the hotel interior, by Singapore based architects . 30 meters long and 6 meters wide the pool offers views on three sides of its enclosure, plus above and below. It’s hard to decide what is more striking: to witness someone swimming above from the ground, or to be the person swimming looking down at the ground.

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    Cool Pools is a locally owned and operated company located in Essex Jct VT. Our extensive experience in the pool industry makes us the company to trust . With over 30 years experience and literally thousands of jobs we have what it takes to provide customers the highest quality service and knowledge.