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  • I have a Cosco stroller, the "Emily" edition. I recently have experienced the stroller unlocking and collapsing while I 'm pushing my 8 week old daughter. She was in her car seat strapped in and when it collapsed. I had to take her out and the whole stroller collapsed. She hasn't received any injuries and I will not wait until she does. I'm going to purchase a new stroller, one with a better reputation.

    We purchased a Cosco stroller for our child a year ago at Kmart. Because of the Graco stroller recall related to amputation of children's fingers, we recalled the baby crying a few times when we put down the sun shade. When we looked at the hinge and tested it using a piece of carrot, it chopped the tip right off the carrot. We have removed the sun shade to prevent injury to the baby.

  • We received a Cosco Umbrella stroller as a gift a year ago and began using it about 3 months ago. Today on a walk from the park the stroller collapsed on my 1 year old son and sliced his thumb. As we were a quarter mile from home it was a terrible, bloody, screaming mess. I would not use this product again.

    I have a Cosco stroller by Geoby and it collapsed today with my six-month old daughter in it causing her to hit head first into the dirt. I have seen a complaint similar to this and wonder why you are still manufacturing these strollers if they are causing such a problem. Baby gear is supposed to be safe for the infants to ride in and everything else. Can you tell me how this is safe?

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  • I received a Costco stroller for my baby shower about seven months ago and have just recently been using it. This stroller has nothing but problems. First of all, it does not steer correctly at all. Secondly, I was walking with my daughter using this stroller and it collapsed while we were walking! I had the stroller locked perfectly and did everything correctly. It pinched my daughter's leg and practically folded her in half! I was very upset and scared for my daughter's safety. Products such as these should never have problems of this sort and I am very disgusted with Costco for not maintaining a safe product especially when it concerns infants and children. Not only is the steering problem unsafe and aggravating, the entire product is to say the least unsatisfactory.

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We received a Cosco Umbrella Stroller (with no canopy) as a baby shower gift for our firstborn son after reviewing every sort of stroller and travel system out there. I don't like complicated...