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TOP 2015 HALLOWEEN COSTUMES for Boys and Gouls

Police Officer Costume Boy - Child 8-10

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  • If you take a closer look at the giraffe costumes for boys, you will notice two prominent, pointed horns affixed on the head area. Giraffe costumes for boys are a great option for toddlers and younger boys too. Older kids will enjoy the tall, lean lean look that giraffe costumes for boys provide. Wishing you a Happy Halloween and hope that your favorite young man will enjoy wearing giraffe costumes for boys.

    Giraffe costumes for boys come in a variety of subtle brown and black shades. These costumes incorporate some of the animal’s most realistic features and are cute giraffe costumes for boys to enjoy.

  • We have a massive selection of costumes for boys to choose from in various sizes from toddler to teenager. There's nothing more exciting for a child than taking on the role of their favorite character or any classic Halloween look with our boy's costumes.

    These rudimentary costume and dress up traditions began what has become one of the most enjoyed and celebrated holidays by both children and adults, evolving into our modern version and celebration of Halloween as we know it today. Halloween costumes traditionally began as scary or frightening renditions of what appeared to be monsters or ghouls. Nowadays, anything goes when it comes to costumes and on Halloween night you will see everything from silly and funny costumes to those that could scare the feathers right off of a chicken. Styles and the popularity of various costumes will always come and go--but there will always be those old tried and true stand bys that will be forever considered to be classic. Classic Halloween costumes for boys include a wide variety of styles such as Batman, policemen, army men, Ninja’s--plus the traditional favorites of Vampires, Pirates, Skeletons and Zombies. If you are looking for a costume that is not only fun to wear but celebrates the great classic traditions of this exciting holiday, peruse our fabulous collection of classic costumes for boys!

  • Police costume for boys which consists of 5 items.. Trousers with waist. A vest that opens and closes with button there are also false pockets for a better imitation.

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This Boys Two-Face Costume is for the boy who spends his time concocting villainous schemes and kids who have a strange penchant for flipping coins. This costume is officially licensed from the Batman series and is made of 100% polyester for a comfortable, breathable fit. The shirt is a one-piece garment with the tie, jacket, and faux pockets – it attaches with a Velcro closure in the back. Also included are the matching pants. The costume also comes with the classic ½ face mask and, to complete the look, a printed, foam, two-sided coin. No true Batman group costume would be complete without this two-faced villain!