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Breaks down the key points and lessons found in Crush It!, by Gary Vaynerchuk

Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

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  • Crush It! is a book about finding your passion and profiting from it online. Gary did that, and through his book he shares with other people how to follow on his steps..

    In Crush It, shows how anyone can build a career around what they’re passionate about. He also delivers both high-level and platform specific strategy and analysis, allowing you to take advantage of the current business environment while preparing you to succeed as it changes and evolves.

  • The next big thing in town has been revealed and the count down started for october 25th! Crush It; a seminar that will teach you how to use the power of the Internet to turn your real interests into real businesses, and harness that power to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true.

    Overall, if you’re a young dream digger looking for a book that is inspiring and resourceful then I would highly recommend getting a copy of this. Even if you’re not looking to start a blog or an online business, this book will definitely motivate you to get up off your couch, stop making excuses and CRUSH IT!

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  • Crush It. Not just a Best Selling book. Produced in September 2009 with all proceeds to benefit Caring House Project Foundation's 12+year effort to help the people of Haiti be self-sufficient. . Yes, this song was BEFORE the earthquake.

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Don’t let Gary’s rules fool you, Crush It goes far beyond Gary’s 3 simple rules for success, he delivers a blueprint complete with strategy, resources, insight, and even predictions.