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4M Crystal Growing Experiment

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  • Crystal kits are unique and powerful combinations of stone energies that, when used together, bring healing, enlightenment, and empowerment to body, mind and spirit.

    Growing crystals and geode breakingare fun, educational and really incredibly cool scienceactivities. Just follow the simple instructions and you'll end up witha gorgeous crystal, geode or gem. If you ever wanted to know how togrow a crystal or geode, then our growing crystal kits for kids andadults will show you how. Grow beautiful crystals and see the coolgeode colors. At Incredible Science, we carry a wide variety of crystal growing and break open geode kits that really giveyou that great hands-on science experience with a gorgeous "prize" foryour hard work.

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    You and your child may have grown plants together, but have you ever tried growing crystals? You'll both find the experience fascinating as you watch the 'citrine' yellow, 'emerald' green and 'aquamarine' blue crystals grow a little more each day. As your child follows the instruction booklet, they will also learn ...
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    Crystals are beautiful, mystical structures that take ages to grow in nature, but now can be grown in your home! Young scientists with fantastic imaginations will enjoy creating colorful crystals and geodes with our Crystal Growing kits for kids that combine chemistry, geology, and art as kids build crystal trees, stars, and even dogs. One kit uses phosphorescence to create amazing glow in the dark crystals while another lets boys and girls concoct their own rock candy recipes, watch the structures form, and of course eat the sweet crystals!
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    4M Crystal Growing Kit
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    Safe and high-quality materials are used to teach capillary action, lattice structures, energy transfers, and properties of matter with a result that's breathtaking. Dazzling crystal growing kits will encourage a love for science as kids experiment with different colors and shapes to create their own crystal garden they can show off to all of their friends and even use as a science fair project. Set the finished products out for display in the living room or bedroom for a pretty decoration and scientific inspiration for future educational endeavors. Kids will sharpen their observational and record keeping skills with the provided journals while expanding their understanding and improving retention of information with the captivating and intriguing experiments. Let your children's creativity shine as they have some real science fun!

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