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Children's Sudafed PE Nasal Decongestant Non-drowsy Raspberry Flavor Liquid 4-Ounce (Pack of 2)

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  • These are combination formulas that contain both a decongestant for kids and a cough suppressant. When you choose these you will not need separate medications and use caution not to mix them. Watch if you are using an antihistamine on the side because unless the medication says “non-drowsy” it may contain an antihistamine ingredient and could cause side-effects of excessive sleepiness in your child. Some types are:

    It is important to know what the ingredients in cold medicines do so you don’t overload your kids with medication they don’t really need. Some ingredients are more powerful when mixed with other things, which can be very harmful for kids. Some of the more common names of cold medications, including decongestant for kids are:

  • Keep in mind that some cough suppressant medications also contain decongestant for kids and you want to check labels if you are using multiple products.

    Included below are common types of decongestant for kids. Always talk to your doctor about how much to use since dosages are based on your child’s weight and age.

  • It is possible with a little effort to make your child comfortable without the use of medications. They should only be used as a long resort and under the supervision of your pediatrician. Here are some home tips before trying a decongestant for kids:

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