To prevent and help heal diaper rash, keep these tips in mind:

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Another method is the rectangular fold, which is similar to the fold of disposable diapers:
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Message: Protect yourself and your children from germs by following these diapering steps.

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  • If diaper changes are happening on a changing table, use the safety straps to buckle your child in — even newborns who can’t roll over can stretch and fall off the table’s surface. But don’t rely on the straps to keep your baby secure; you’ll still need to keep a constant eye on her (don’t think you can turn your back even for a second).

    No one needs to tell you that babies and toddlers are antsy — especially when it’s time for them to lie still for diaper changes. To have an easy diaper changing experience, keep her occupied while you’re doing your business. Sing songs, install a mobile over the , shake a rattle, play peekaboo or hand her a special toy or book saved for diapering time. All these distractions are sure to make for easy diaper changing, keeping her from wiggling away from you while you’re mid-change.

  • Set up stations for diaper changes throughout your house so you’re not running up and down the stairs to your child’s room to retrieve a diaper or to locate the diaper-rash cream when it’s time for a change. At each station have within arm’s reach for easy diaper changing.

    Just because is a chore doesn’t mean it can’t be easy. Whether you’re changing a newborn’s diaper 10 times a day or wrestling your 3-year-old into disposable training pants, here are six ways to make toddler or a change for the better.

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    If your older baby’s pitching a fit at every one of her diaper changes, ditch the table and try a new location — the bed, the bathroom, even the floor. Put a pad or thick towel down to protect the surface (just be careful — a towel isn’t waterproof). She may just be balking at the idea of being strapped in.

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