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KidKraft Dinosaur Train Set and Table

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  • The KidKraft Dinosaur Train Set And Table Is one huge awsome wooden train set for boys and girls, Young boys and girls will love pushing the train cars in and out of the lava-filled volcano and through the tunnel made of dinosaur bones. Features Dinosaurs, giant insects and cavemen, oh my! Our 95-piece Dinosaur Train Set & Table lets Train cars pass through the plastic molded volcano from 6 different angles making it the best around by miles.

    Dinosaurs, giant insects and cavemen, oh my! Our 95-piece Dinosaur Train Set & Table is perfect for any of the budding archeologists in your life

  • Little Buddy is a proud Tyrannosaurus Rex living happily in the Pteranodon family nest. But, what exactly makes Buddy a part of this family, and just what will happen when he gets bigger and can’t fit in the nest anymore? Buddy wants to know, so the Pteranodons decide to hop aboard the one and only Dinosaur Train and set off on an adventure across the Mesozoic to take Buddy to see his good friend King Cryolophosaurus. King’s giving a big concert in Troodon Town and will be a great pal for Buddy to talk to and figure it all out. But — oh no !— King is missing! Will Buddy and the gang be able to find him in time for his concert? Just why is King hiding anyway? And will Buddy discover what makes him special and such an important part of the Pteranodon family? Lets all take a ride on the Dinosaur Train to find out, together!

    The Dinosaur Train quilt cover set bedding package set contains one quilt cover (comforter/duvet cover) and pillow case(s). The quilt cover features a vibrantly colorful design of Buddy the T-Rex dinosaur on shades of blue, green and orange. The Dinosaur Train bedroom set is machine washable and made from polyester cotton.

    Dinosaur Train Set and Table
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  • The Dinosaur Train bedding set is the perfect addition for the bedroom of any child that loves Buddy the T-Rex and friends from Dinosaur Train and is ideal for a girls or boys bedroom.

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