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  • As you move forward and start to look for a perfect dirt bike for your kid, you will think about safety, compare different kids’ dirt bike types, and wonder what size of the bike you should go for. Yes, choosing the right dirt bike for kids can be tough but we are here to help.

    Pay attention to bike’s weight. The lighter the dirt bike, the easier it is to ride and maneuver. The smallest dirt bikes for the youngest riders can weigh as little as 20 pounds whereas dirt bikes for kids 7 to 14 years old can weigh anything between 60 and 120 pounds. For example, a high-end Dirt Bike weights less than 65 pounds which is a respectable achievement given that it is recommended for children up to 10 years old.

  • When it comes to finding the best mini dirt bike for your kids, it is important to take into account what you need the bike to do. Is your child an experienced rider that wants the thrill of a fast dirt bike to cut through muddy corners every day or do they simply want a joyride down your street’s sidewalks every now and then? How much maintenance time will you have to invest in making the dirt bike operate? How often will your kids be riding the bike? The answers to these questions will determine what kind of mini dirt bike you will want to research.

    Choosing the right mini dirt bike for your kids largely depends on what they want to get out of it. If they want to be speed demons tearing through muddy terrain, a gas-powered dirt bike is definitely the right choice for them. However, if they just want the experience of operating a dirt bike without any tough terrain (sidewalks and asphalt, for example), an electric dirt bike is the way to go. They last longer on a single charge and are designed for long-distance rides rather than cornering and peak performance.

  • These are the primary factors to consider when looking into purchasing a mini dirt bike for kids. By taking into consideration the cost of operating the vehicle, the amount of time required to maintain it and how well it will perform, you will have a better understanding of what kind of mini dirt bike will best suit the needs of your kids. Feel free to check out some of our mini dirt bike reviews to find the right combination of cost, performance and durability for your needs.

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Once shopping starts, you'll notice a number of brands offering beginner dirt bikes for kids. Again, don't be subject to the brand your child's hero rides, even if it's the smaller version. The best starter dirt bike, regardless of brand, is the one your kid can sit comfortably on and handle the power. The smallest engine is 50cc and as your child graduates and improves on skills you can decide on a variety of bigger engine sizes with reasonable and manageable power: 65cc, 70cc, 85cc, 100cc, 110cc and 150cc. Save the popular 250cc engine for much later.