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This song is entitled ‘Dirty Vans’ because both emcees like to rock old, worn out Vans skate shoes and Tyler drives a hooptie van.

The Ugglys Pet Shop Dirty Dog Wash Van

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  • Fredo Santana has worked closely with up and coming producer Dirty Vans on several projects, including his "It's a Scary Site 2" mixtape, and the Chicago rapper shocked fans after announcing Vans' sudden passing.

    Dirty Vans was only 19, and his official cause of death is unknown; some people online are claiming that the producer died after being shot in a drive-by. His last tweet read, "bouta be in the studio till tomorrow . Going crazy!"

  • “Dirty Vans” is just one of many tracks from a outstanding foundation of work from Mic Supreme, the UK rapper that may have flown under your radar in the last year. Make no mistake though, Mic’s lyrical flow is worthy of capturing a wider audience & will continue to do so in the coming months.

    There is an assumption that dirty Vans and Converse look best as they tell a story, but forking out this much on a pair handcrafted leather trainers that have been pre-scuffed by hand can seem ludicrous to so many people. But maybe these are for the businessman who is still a skateboarder at heart who doesn't have time to naturally add wear and tear to his trainers...

  • A couple of years ago Sega appeared to be trying to kick start some sort of viral marketing campaign for Sega Rally 2007 written on the back of dirty vans and lorries.

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IMO, dirty vans look nice. Well, they look nice on other people. I dont think they look nice on me. I look at other peoples dirty vans, i say to myself "Still, nice." But when i look at mines, i think "wtf. i needa clean this shit."