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Summer Infant Keep Me Clean Disposable Bibs, 20-Count

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  • Best disposable dental bibs are made of 2-ply absorbent tissue paper backed with 1-ply liquid proof. The unique technique used to bond the layers of tissue and ply securely together eliminates separation of the layers.

    How do you decide what bib to put on your baby, and are bibs ever appropriate for adults? The DadLabs guys put these baby products to the test. They discuss the benefits of cloth bibs, disposable bibs, and trough bibs for babies. Make baby feeding easier.

  • Disposable plastic bibs make it easy to keep your customers and patients clean during mealtimes. We offer plain white bibs as well as ones with colorful seafood graphics or images for kids. Choose from paper or plastic bibs to suit your preferences. You can use bibs in restaurants where messy foods are served or in hospitals, nursing homes, and other healthcare facilities to help patients and residents who struggle with eating. Check out our to keep your tables clean at your seafood restaurant, and use our and in your healthcare facility. If you're wondering where to buy disposable bibs and kids' bibs, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.

    Whether you run a seafood restaurant, healthcare facility, or nursing home, our disposable bibs will help you keep your customers clean when eating. We offer disposable plastic bibs that repel water and stains, so no one leaves your restaurant with dirty clothes. Some of our bibs are made of paper, too, which absorbs liquids to prevent them from running off of your guests' front and onto their pants or the floor.

    Dental Bibs
    Disposable Dental Bibs

  • Are you looking for disposable Bibs? Personal Touch can help!

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    If plastic disposable bibs are what you need, we have many different styles for you to choose from, some are also available with a crumb catcher, to catch spills.

    Our most popular plastic disposable bib style, which is also available with the crumb catcher, comes 500 to case.

    Disposable Bibs � Plastic

    If you need something a little stronger, try our disposable tissue poly-backed bibs. They come 150 to a case, and are made with strong absorbent tissue, backed with a liquid proof plastic for maximum protection against spills.

    Disposable Bibs � Tissue

    Personal Touch can help with those ugly stains, now we have available disposable childrens bibs.

    Our children�s disposable bibs are available in plastic, or a 2 ply Tissue.

    Disposable Bibs � Childrens Tissue

    Our children�s plastic disposable bibs are available in a variety of children friendly prints, and come 500 to a case.

    Our 2 ply tissue bibs are available in the popular Dr. Seuss' Cat in the Hat design, as well as other character prints. They are great for putting your young patients at ease.

    Disposable Bibs -Childrens Printed

    Personal Touch Disposable dental bibs come in a variety of colors & are now available with longer lengths.

    Prophy bibs provide oversized protection for extended and messy procedures. These come 50 to a case and are made with tissue and poly sandwiched in between tissue.

    We also offer dental bibs. Our contour bib provides 30% more coverage than standard dental bibs, and is available in an assortment of solid colors.

    Disposable Bibs - Dental

    Volume discounts are available; and purchase orders from state, school and governmental facilities are welcome.

    Disposable Bibs � Wholesale

    These disposable bibs are also convenient for patients in your hospital or elderly people in a nursing home who may have trouble eating and drinking. Because they're conveniently disposable, you can toss these bibs and the mess away after each use. For seafood establishments, check out our bibs that come with lobster or crab graphics, and try our kids' bibs in family-friendly businesses. All of our bibs come in bulk quantities that will last over an extended period of time or for a large seafood festival.

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My Milestones Disposable Bib & Table Mat Set - 12 ct

My Milestones disposable bibs + Table Mats provide a hygienic and germ-free feeding solution when traveling or at home.